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‘Angry Birds’ Doesn’t Share Data With the NSA, Says Rovio

Revelations of the extent of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spy programs were an ongoing story during 2013, creating rifts between politically-aligned nations and creating a mess for diplomats around the globe. The situation doesn’t look to be dying down any time soon, though, and now even some unlikely companies are having to deny cooperation with the NSA. Rovio, the …

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Edward Snowden Can’t Go Home, Blames Legal Gaps

“Intelligence agencies do have a role to play, and the people at the working level at the NSA, CIA, or any other member of the IC are not out to get you.” Perhaps this answer given by Edward Snowden during a recent Q&A session seems a bit ironic, but it at least shows he still has faith in the purpose …

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Author of the PATRIOT Act: NSA Abuses Its Power

On Veteran’s Day, US House representative Jim Sesenbrenner was in Brussels, Belgium, testifying before the European Parliament at the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs about the ongoing abuse of the bill he wrote, the Patriot Act. There, he unveiled his true feelings, protesting the NSA’s mass spying, saying James Clapper should be terminated and put on trial, …

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NSA Washington March Calls for Reducing Spying

Reuters and CNN reported today on an anti-NSA march that took place in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of protesters turned out for the march, many carrying signs that bore slogans like “Thank You, Edward Snowden,” “Stop Mass Spying” and “Unplug Big Brother.” Although the Capitol Police were asked, they declined to give an estimate on attendance; …

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