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Edward Snowden On Vindication: I Can Sleep At Night

Edward Snowden remains a highly divisive figure in the American political and social landscape following his decision to leak thousands of highly classified documents to the international press in June of 2013. Some argue that Snowden’s actions exposed the dangerous levels of overreach the United States government—a government that Snowden demonstrated is spying on its own citizens—has engaged in following …

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NSA Washington March Calls for Reducing Spying

Reuters and CNN reported today on an anti-NSA march that took place in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of protesters turned out for the march, many carrying signs that bore slogans like “Thank You, Edward Snowden,” “Stop Mass Spying” and “Unplug Big Brother.” Although the Capitol Police were asked, they declined to give an estimate on attendance; …

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Edward Snowden’s Russian Adventure: ‘Fearful’

Edward Snowden is, to some, the most interesting man in the world for a variety of reasons. Yet Snowden is made infinitely more fascinating by his mystique; whatever opinions one might hold about him, nobody really knows anything about how he’s going to carry on now that the secrets are out. What, exactly, is this traitorous coward/heroic whistleblower’s life going …

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