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LiveMSN.TV In Netherlands

Miel points to a short segment online video news show (reminds me of Rocketboom) that MSN is doing in the Netherlands.

MSN Search Toolbar Has International Appeal

Last Friday evening, MSN took their search toolbar to the International community by releasing an updated version, which increases the amount of language support given to foreign countries.

The Netherlands A Land Without iPods.

Dutch recording industry tries persuading government to collect a tax on all devices that could potentially store a pirated work.

Firefox NYT Ad Poster Delays
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As one of the contributors to the ground-breaking Firefox double-page ad in the New York Times in December, I ordered the poster version …

Netherlands Hard Line On Immigration

The Dutch government is proposing that people applying to live in The Netherlands will have to take an examination to prove that they understand the language and culture, before they get here.

eBay Acquires Netherlands Classifieds Site

eBay has acquired Marktplaats.nl, the leading classifieds website in the Netherlands.

Installing MRTG on a Windows Platform

MRTG is the most popular open source performance measuring tool being used around the world today. While MRTG is open source, it has been widely adopted by major companies everywhere who use it to measure network performance and adherence to SLAs, among other things. For an interesting snapshot of who is using MRTG, and for what purpose, go to MRTG’s “Where, What, How” page and have a look at some of the interesting things MRTG is being used to track. Although MRTG started out as an application to measure network performance on routers (MRTG stands for “Multi Router Traffic Grapher”), it is being used today to graph everything from traffic jams in the Netherlands to the local temperature in Wroclaw. If you can provide a numeric value to MRTG, it can produce a graph of it.