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Experts Predict Doom For New Walled Gardens
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Wired.com loudly reminded everyone a little over a week ago about ESPN’s deal with specific ISPs to license ESPN360 content.

ESPN360 Ushers In Cable-ization Of The Internet
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Imagine a world where you want to watch videos on, say, Hulu.com, but you are unable to because Hulu has an exclusive deal with TimeWarner. If you want Hulu, and a premium package of websites that includes the New York Times, Yahoo, and iTunes, you can only find them on TimeWarner.

Google Unveils M-Lab To Monitor ISPs
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Get ready for ISPs to become less than pleased with Google.  The search giant, together with the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, the PlanetLab Consortium, and various academic researchers, has introduced something designed to monitor Internet service providers for iffy behavior.

Verizon Offers Direct Access To Backbone
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Online video producers may be happy to learn that Verizon is offering direct regional access to its network. A more direct content delivery network means producers can skip the sometimes cumbersome peering arrangements that slow down online video and pump content directly onto Verizon’s Internet backbone network.

Verizon says its Partner Port Program results in a faster, more responsive connection to Verizon’s backbone network for less money.

Net Neutrality A Likely Reality In 2009
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Once the election smoke has cleared, Congress appears poised to pass Network Neutrality legislation. With promises from the Obama campaign about upholding neutrality principles, any remaining FCC opposition will be left standing out on a weak limb.

Where The Candidates Stand On Web Issues
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Surprisingly, the differences between John McCain and Barack Obama on issues affecting the Internet are few, but those few are fairly big rifts. The biggest single issue where the candidates differ is Network Neutrality.

Father of the Internet Backs Obama

Often called the Father of the Internet (though he calls himself a “cofounder”), Vint Cerf these days works for Google being, as Valleywag’s Own Thomas puts it, “vice president in charge of being the guy who created the Internet.”

So that’s what “Internet Evangelist” means!

Whatever his title, he’s using throwing some of the clout onto YouTube to endorse Senator Barack Obama as President. The wedge issue for Cerf? The one that protects his baby of course: Net Neutrality.

Aussie ISPs Deliver Baloney To Broadband Buffet

The executive heads of three Australian internet service providers have categorized Net Neutrality as a distinctly American problem. At the core of it, they say, is years of unlimited access. If that sounds vastly oversimplified, you’re absolutely right.

What In The World Is Net Neutrality?
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I had the great pleasure and privilege of speaking at Search Engine Strategies 2008 in San Jose. The topic? Net neutrality. This is the point where your eyes glaze over and the inevitable question, “What is net neutrality?” comes forth. And that’s the point of this article.

UK ISP Music Deal Only Sounds Reasonable
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The US and Britain go about some things differently; this was as the heart of our little squabble in the 18th Century. It’s not surprising an announcement that a UK ISP will be both music piracy police and provider of subscription music services doesn’t seem to ring many alarms.

Cerf Proposes Alternate Strategy To Comcast
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The broadband network management question has been at the center of the Network Neutrality debate for sometime, but recent scuffles between Comcast and the Federal Communications Commission have brought the issue more scrutiny. Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, weighed in on that issue today, suggesting a new model for dealing with cable capacity issues.

Wu: Watch Out for OPEC 2.0

All the big newspapers have an editorial about Net Neutrality today, and the New York Times seems to be the only one running anything on the pro-side. Net Neutrality visionary (he coined the phrase) Tim Wu’s editorial, entitled OPEC 2.0, compares bandwidth to oil—a necessary good tightly controlled by a few powerful entities.

Wu’s thesis:

Democrats Come Out For Net Neutrality
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Though Net Neutrality is not a partisan issue, as evidenced by bipartisan support outside of Congress, primary support (but not all of it) for enshrining what is called the Internet’s First Amendment has come from Democratic legislators. Matt Stoller, blogging for Open Left, is proud to tell everyone, then, his campaign to get 16 Democratic Senate challengers in this year’s election season on board for the cause is a success.

Tired Old Goodmail Regroups, Becomes Net Neutrality Issue

Two year’s ago there was a bit of a media frenzy surrounding Goodmail’s apparent arrangement with AOL; if you don’t recall the exact players you might remember national news coverage of the "email postage" scare in spring 2006. Well, Goodmail’s back with a new CEO and a new plan: certifying video email.

New Initiative To Push Internet For Everyone
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Some pretty big names will be in one place tomorrow to unveil a new initiative called InternetforEveryone.org, which aims to make access to a fast, open and affordable Internet a basic right for all Americans.

Net Neutrality Brings Foes Together
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Conservative Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds did the unthinkable today: He agreed with a liberal, which is likely against stricter interpretations of The Conservative Thought Bubble Creed (Hannity, Defense Against Liberal Arts, pg. 1).  Worse, the liberal is employed by MoveOn.org, with whom agreement is punishable by excommunication and revocation of golf club membership (Limbaugh, chapters 7 and 11, El Rushbo’s Guide To Neo-Conduct).

Cox, Comcast Caught Red-Dotted
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Only two countries in the world have ISPs actively blocking or interfering with BitTorrent transmissions: Singapore and the United States. Only one kind of ISP in both countries, though, is doing the blocking: cable.

An independent test conducted by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Software Systems showed that Comcast and Cox are both currently interfering with BitTorrent despite recent public and regulatory outrage.

Now There Are Two Net Neutrality House Bills
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Congressional Net Neutrality proponents appear to be taking a multi-pronged approach to passing legislation to cement what many call the First Amendment of the Internet, a moniker that may oversimplify it a bit. Two days after Ed Markey’s (D-Mass.) Internet Freedom and Preservation Act was debated in the House Energy Committee, Representatives John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) re-introduce the Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act.

On Trust and Net Neutrality

The Network Neutrality debate is, to understate it, heated. On one side are ideals, on the other side is money, which is not a new dichotomy in any sense, and both can be equally powerful motivators*. Also, while passion tends to color an issue (sometimes incorrectly), economic theory tends to mire subscribers in stubborn dogma.

Neither side wants to budge for fear of losing, or for fear of the embarrassment of choosing the wrong team.

Broadband Carriers Blow Off Net Neutrality Meeting
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Unlike a previous open FCC hearing where Comcast helped fill seats in the audience, neither they nor anyone else from the big broadband carriers showed up for the second hearing.

Comcast Not Attending FCC Hearing
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Pick a clever intro: Comcast won’t be tarred and feathered willingly; Comcast is taking its ball and going home; Comcast can’t stand the heat and won’t be going near the kitchen; Comcast won’t lie in the bed it’s made; Comcast will just hold its breath till it turns blue.

I like this one:

Comcast to FCC: Screw you guys; I’m going home.