Neil Patel Articles

SEOs Claim Digg Auto-Buries Stories

The running feud between the SEO community and the Digg news site heated up again, with accusation of Digg automatically burying certain stories.

Patel Doing Well On Calacanis Challenge

Neil Patel stood up to Jason Calacanis’ SEO criticisms with a simple request: let me increase your daily search traffic by a minimum of 10 to 20 percent.

Calacanis Accepts The SEO Challenge

After he called the SEO industry a bunch of snake oil salesmen and warned people away from smoking the "SEO crack," venture capitalist Jason Calacanis found himself on the receiving end of a call to action.

SES Chicago Day .05

Thomas (TwisterMC) and I arrived fine in Chicago without delay. Unlike many other travelers, including Shoemoney who I talked to about a 4+ hour delay.