Ellen DeGeneres: Did She Cheat on Portia de Rossi?

Ellen DeGeneres: Did She Cheat on Portia de Rossi?

By Kimberly Ripley July 20, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been in the headlines for weeks, with headlines of divorce rumors, meltdowns, and a stint in rehab for Portia thrown straight into the public eye. Now one source says Ellen cheated on Portia …

Napster Merges With Rhapsody Napster Merges With Rhapsody

It’s a sad day for fans of old school file-sharing, as Napster is no more. Starting yesterday, Napster officially began merging with Rhapsody, the largest on-demand music service in the United States. Back in October, Best Buy, the parent company …

Napster Acquired by Rhapsody Napster Acquired by Rhapsody

Rhapsody announced today that it has agreed to acquire Napster from Best Buy. That includes the subscribers and “certain other assets” which remain unspecified. For the acquisition, Best Buy gets an also unspecified minority stake in Rhapsody. As a result …

Spotify Gets Sean Parker’s Approval…In a Big Way Spotify Gets Sean Parker’s Approval…In a Big Way

It’s always interesting when past voices in a particular area talk about the up and coming, brand new thing. It was interesting when MySpace’s Tom Anderson discussed Google+ shortly after it launched. And today, it is even more interesting to …

This Is The New $5 Napster

What Do You Think Of The New Napster?

Thoughts On Napster & Best Buy

4 Thoughts On Best Buy & Napster

  •   Napster was worth even less than I thought. Given the $67 million in cash that Napster has on hand, the purchase for $121 million by Best Buy puts the valuation at just $54 million.

Napster Is Best Buy For Best Buy

Best Buy will have some music to offer alongside all that portable gadgetry soon. The company announced this morning the acquisition of Napster for $121 million in cash.

Napster Is Losing Subscribers

Napster The latest financial report from Napster showed only slightly wider losses of 4.4 m

The Online Mistakes Of The Music Business

In the April issue of Blender, they take a look at the "20 biggest record company screw-ups of all time."

Topping the list is the major record labels and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for rejecting a billion dollar settlement from Napster and not finding a way to make money off file sharing services.

Napster’s CFO Set To Leave

If the CFO of a highly successful company were to quit for “personal reasons,” an eyebrow or two might need to be raised.  But Nand Gangwani, the CFO of Napster, is stepping down, and, well, there you have it.

AT&T Makes 5 Million Napster Songs Available

AT&T announced today that it would allow its subscribers to download music from Napster’s catalog of over five million songs directly to their cell phones. The service will launch early next month.

Napster Launches Web Platform

Today Napster launched a new Web-based platform that allows users to listen to their music on their computer without downloading software.

Napster Founder’s Snocap Melts

Shawn Fanning’s post-Napster endeavor has fared poorly, with layoffs and "For Sale" signs the order of the day.

Sprint Cuts Download Prices, AT&T Hooks up w/ Napster

The announcement derby in the music space shifts to Florida this week and mobile conference CITA Wireless. Even prior to today’s opening the press releases are flying.

Downloaders Prefer Napster And iTunes

Ipsos Tempo Digital Music Brandscape study released today indicates that Apple’s iTunes continues to cement its position as the primary fee-based digital music destination, while a number of other services are trying to grow their consumer base and establish points of differentiation.

For many brands awareness was consistent in 2006. For American downloaders aged 12 and older, iTunes saw an increase in both unaided and aided awareness over 2005, rising from 57 percent to 66 percent for total awareness.

Napster To Take Over AOL Music Now
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AOL and Napster announced Friday that Napster will become the exclusive music subscription provider for AOL Music. The two companies will partner to migrate approximately 350,000 paid subscribers of the Music Now service to Napster’s digital music subscription service.

Google, Apple, Napster Sued By VOD Company

When it comes to litigation, I remember the lessons of one Steve Dallas – only sue those who have deep pockets. Apparently, video-on-demand (VOD) specialist Intertainer received the same lesson and has decided to act on it.