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Giant Pennsylvania Mushroom Sculpture

Kennett Square, a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, also known as the Mushroom Capitol of the World, plans to drop a 700-pound stainless steel toadstool sculpture, during a midnight countdown at its annual Mushroom Festival. State Representative John Lawrence tapped Kathi Lafferty, coordinator of the annual Mushroom Festival, to commission the huge fungal sculpture. “Being the mushroom capital of the …

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Giant Mushrooms Found in Michigan Yard

Giant mushrooms popped up one night recently in a backyard in Leslie, Michigan, confounding the Delaney family, and impressing plant biologists. Ed Delaney decided to surprise his wife Amy with a bulbous, fungal mass he’d found out back – Mrs. Delaney explains, “I walked in and his arms were literally filled with this huge, disgusting white mass.” Ed adds, “I …

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Giant Honey Mushroom Still Unseated As Largest Despite New Find

The giant honey mushroom found growing in Oregon in 1998 is still the largest known living organism, taking up a whopping 2,200 acres as it grows on tree roots in the densely populated Malheur National Forest. However, a new fungus found in China that measures 37 inches across the top and weighs over 30 pounds is garnering quite a bit …

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