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RBC Expects Baidu To Do Better

We all know that Baidu, Google’s archrival in China, is doing well.  But according to one firm’s analysis, it’s doing even better than expected, and RBC Capital has raised its price target as a result.

Baidu, Mozilla Sign Browser Deal
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In a move that makes it look even more like the Chinese version of Google, Baidu has signed a deal with Mozilla; as a result, all of Baidu’s search functions will be embedded in Chinese versions of Firefox.

Mozilla’s Devilish Deal With Google
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Two aspects of Mozilla’s close ties with Google over development of the Firefox browser have Chris Soghoian concerned about a conflict of interest in play.

Mozilla Focuses Web Apps Through Prism

A new project from the Mozilla Foundation, called Prism, lets people split web applications out of the browser and run them on the desktop.

Mozilla Can Walk Away From Google’s Cash

The Mozilla Foundation has tucked away enough money that they can do without Google’s immense influx of revenue, courtesy of Google’s default search position in the Firefox browser.

Mozilla’s Top Revenue’s From Google

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker in a blog post writes:

Mozilla’s revenues (including both Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation) for 2006 were $66,840,850, up approximately 26% from 2005 revenue of $52,906,602. As in 2005 the vast majority of this revenue is associated with the search functionality in Mozilla Firefox, and the majority of that is from Google.

Mozilla Arriving Late To The Mobile Party
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The Mozilla Foundation has big plans for mobile devices, but they will have to leapfrog Opera to make an impact.

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Mozilla’s Mail Call Answered By Ascher

ActiveState’s CTO and VP of engineering, David Ascher, will helm Mozilla’s new effort to build upon their Thunderbird email client.

Firefox Needs To Go To School

Retention rates for usage of the Firefox browser have caused concern for the Mozilla Foundation. They’re brainstorming ways of improving that rate. We’ve got a suggestion for them.

A Mozilla Divorce

The Mozilla Corporation CEO has announced on her BLOG that Mozilla Thunderbird will be split into a "new, separate organizational setting". The details of which have not been decided on yet, although she has outlined three different options. One thing is a fact strategically this bodes well for both Firefox and Thunderbird projects.

Google Gears Grind Out Web Apps

Google announced an open source browser extension that enables web applications to run offline.

Watch Out Alexa, Here Comes URLFan

Yes, we know Alexa isn’t accurate, in fact it has a number of blindspots, but it’s a easily accessed public web metric. But for checking out the Web2.0-ness of your site, you might like to check out URLFan.com.

Joey Hops Around Mozilla Labs
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A simpler way to store web content for later retrieval on a mobile device is in the works at the Mozilla Foundation.

Mozilla Take’s its Time Getting Mobile

APC Mag has an interview with Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker, and he basically said that Mozilla is looking into ways to serve the mobile section of the web browsing market, but plans to drag their feet a little longer. Microsoft has been producing an underpowered mobile browser for years now, but Mozilla has had an abandoned red-headed stepchild of a mobile browser, and Baker basically admits that isn’t going to change just yet.

Firefox Really Wants To See Upgrades Happen
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It’s time to stop clinging to Firefox version 1.5 and move on up to 2.0, as the end of life period has not only arrived, but has been extended a little for late movers.

YFirefox Really Wants To See Upgrades Happen
YFirefox Really Wants To See Upgrades Happen
YFirefox Really Wants To See Upgrades Happen
Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Takes Off

While Firefox has had a version 2 available for some time, the email client Thunderbird has only just matched that version number with its latest release.

Mozilla Flies The Coop With Prototype Addon

Last week, Mozilla announced the development of an addon designed to implement social networking features within its popular Firefox web browser. The company has released an early prototype of the feature, named The Coop, so users can get an initial preview of what’s to come.

Is FireFox Socially Acceptable?
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Would you want to have social networking features built into whatever browser you use? That’s what Mozilla Labs is hoping as they are adding social networking features into the FireFox browser.

Firefox Readies New Beta Release Process

A more measured process to releasing these updates should help Mozilla avoid issues with rolling out an update to its entire userbase in one shot.

Mozilla Moves To China

I came across an interesting fact today: “The Chinese name for red panda is hunho or firefox, due to their colour and similar size to a fox.” So . . . would the Chinese associate Mozilla’s Firefox browser with a panda bear, despite the fox logo? We’ll soon find out, as Mozilla has announced plans to open a corporate office in Beijing.