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Mouse In Coffee Cup? Read This And Think Twice Before You Sip.

Imagine finding a mouse in YOUR coffee cup the next time you patronize a restaurant. This is allegedly what happened to a Canadian man when he visited the local McDonald’s. Ron Morais of Fredericton, New Brunswick told CBC News that he didn’t suspect anything was wrong. He sipped away contently until he got to the last few sips. As a …

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Computer Mouse Inventor Douglas Engelbart Dies

Douglas Engelbart, the man credited with inventing the early computer mouse, has died of kidney failure at the age of 88, according to numerous reports. Whether or not you know his hame, his work obviously continues to affect you on a daily basis. Wired has an archived profile (via TechCrunch) written by Engelbart describing his various endeavors. Here’s what he …

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Ever Wonder How Many Calories You Burn with a Mouse Click?

If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a workout you’re getting at the office everyday by simply clicking your mouse, wonder no more. Someone has calculated it and put it in a publication. The findings appeared in the recently published Convert Anything to Calories, which calculated the calorie counts in both food and common activities. The calculation was based …

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Windows 8 Will Be Home To Strange Mouse And Keyboard Designs

Windows 8 represents a change in philosophy at Microsoft. As the company attempts to take hold of the post-PC consumer market, they have to design hardware to compliment their software. The first Windows 8 hardware to be revealed was the Surface tablet which attempts to rethink the tablet. The next hardware update is the company rethinking the keyboard and mouse. …

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