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JP Morgan Lawsuit Ends with $13 Billion Settlement JP Morgan Lawsuit Ends with $13 Billion Settlement
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In 2008, the United States witnessed its worst financial catastrophe since the Great Depression. The collapse of the economy here in the United States not only led to housing market woes and consumer losses in the stock market, but also …

Loan Education Top Goal Of New Web Site Loan Education Top Goal Of New Web Site
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Almost everybody needs to take out a loan once in their life, and one Web site is attempting to make that easier. Loans Org have launched their newest Web site that seeks to be an “information bank that strives to …

Mortgage Downturn No Problem For Google

Concerns that have hammered the mortgage lending market and its ad budgets won’t trickle down to Google, or what lenders spend on Internet advertising.

Subprime Fallout Could Submarine Search Ads

Mortgage lenders in the subprime market have been big online advertisers. Seeing that lending market crash down could ripple into the search industry.

Taking Out A Second Mortgage In Second Life
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Buying a home is usually the single largest investment that the average individual will make over the span of their life. Careful thought and planning are exercised when determining how much of a mortgage to take on, how large of a home to purchase, and what realtor to use.

Yahoo Searches For Mortgage Rates

As part of the revisions to their real estate site, Yahoo has added mortgage rate information to its search functions and returning those rates on the search results page.

Mortgage Rates Drop Despite Higher Interest Rates

Though short-term interest rates were increased by the Federal Open Market Committee, mortgage rates fell for their sixth week in a row.

30-year Mortgage Rates Reach Highest This Year

30-year mortgage rates reached their highest this year after going up for the third week in a row.

30-year Mortgage Rate Falls Again

The fixed rate for a U.S. 30-year mortgage fell for the fifth week in a row, while short-term adjustable rates continued to go up.

Save Thousands On Your Mortgage

Interest on the average home mortgage will cost the homeowner nearly TWO TIMES the cost of the home.

Fixed vs. Adjustable: Which Mortgage Is Right for You?

Talking about Money with Jim Larranaga

(ARA) – You’ve spent months combing real estate ads, countless weekends touring open houses, and days waiting for your offer to be accepted. You’re just steps away from your dream home with one hurdle left — your mortgage. With so many options, you could spend even more precious time trying to choose the right one for you. Most mortgages, however, can be narrowed down to two types: fixed-rate and adjustable-rate.