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Routine Is That Spooky Moon Base Simulator You’ve Always Wanted

The horror genre has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years thanks to the efforts of indie developers around the world. One of the more interesting games to come out of this renaissance is Routine. For those just joining us, Routine is a “first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned moon base.” The player is charged with …

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The First Moon Base May Be Constructed With 3D Printers

A moon base has always been the pipe dream of space agencies around the world, but the prohibitive cost always ensured that such a move would never happen anytime soon. That all may be changing sooner than later as the European Space Agency has an idea that’s just crazy enough to work. The ESA announced on Thursday that it’s hard …

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NASA’s Curiosity Mission Only 40 Days Till Touchdown

The Curiosity mission is now only 40 days away from touchdown, or complete destruction. The highly risky landing of the Curiosity probe is why this mission is so exciting. Oh, and the fact that the rover’s main mission is to search for bacteria on the surface of Mars. Thats right, this rover is going to look for life with todays …

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Newt Gingrich Wants a Moon Base

As the political season heats up, the presidential candidates are campaigning harder to earn your vote. All kinds of promises have been made, hands have been shook, and negative ads have been created. Most of the content being the same stuff we’ve heard before. Luckily, Newt Gingrich made things a little more interesting when talking about his plans for America’s …

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