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‘Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar’ Takes Audiences On An Exotic 3D Adventure

The endangered primates of Madagascar take center stage in the IMAX 3D nature documentary entitled Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. The 40-minute feature gives the audience a majestic view of the lemurs’ exotic habitat on the southeastern African nation, as well as their journey across the Indian Ocean to their home. However, the film’s most significant message involves the preservation of …

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Don’t Give Your MacBook To A Monkey

Monkeys are incredibly intelligent creatures capable of wielding tools and solving simple problems. That doesn’t mean they should be trusted with consumer electronics though. In a promo video for a new DIY computer project called Kano, the team put a monkey and a MacBook into the same room. The result is pretty great, and proves once again that monkeys can …

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National Geographic Just Put Out This Video Of Monkeys Getting Drunk

National Geographic uploaded a video of monkeys crashing the campsite of a liquor bootlegger to its YouTube channel. That’s pretty much it. Enjoy. Nature.

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Housewife Raised by Monkeys to Release Book

Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book as a collection of morality tales with a motivational bent, but the stories were all fiction. It’s unthinkable that someone could be raised in the jungle, like Kipling’s Mowgli, and grow up to have a productive adulthood, right? Well, one woman claims that very thing happened to her, and she has penned a memoir …

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Scientific Breakthrough: Mixed-Embryo Monkeys

The first mixed-embryo monkeys were born yesterday, and this is a major stepping stone in medical research. The monkeys were born in a lab in Western Oregon by the combining cells from six different embryos, BBC reports. What is significant about this feat, is that this is the first time primates have ever been created using this method of mixing …

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