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Mona Lisa Mystery May Finally Be Solved

What’s in a smile? Well, if it belongs to arguably one of the most famous smiling figures that answer is mystery, or at least it was until now. The inspiration for the Mona Lisa has been up for debate, puzzling art historians and researchers for centuries; however, with the advancements of DNA testing this may be about to change. Leonardo …

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Mona Lisa Beamed to the Moon by NASA

This week NASA announced it has beamed an image of the Mona Lisa to a satellite orbiting the moon. The image treveled almost 240,000 miles from the Next Generation Satellite Laser Ranging (NGSLR) station at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting the moon. The transmission was a test of laser communication with the lunar satellite. …

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Google Art Project Hopes To Add Mona Lisa, The Louvre With Next Phase

Make no mistake, Google Art Project has partnered with some amazing museums and cultural centers around the world in order to bring people greater access to some of the world’s most important and valuable works of art. Not only has Google Art Project assembled virtual galleries that users can peruse, but it also offers Street View for 51 museums that …

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