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MOGA Ace Power Will Give Your iOS Games The Gamepad They Deserve

Some of the biggest hits in mobile gaming can be simply controlled via a few simple touch gestures. Other games require a bit more finesse, however, and touch controls can never truly replicate the precision of a physical controller. That’s where MOGA comes in. MOGA, a company that makes mobile controllers for Android devices, will be the first out of …

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CES 2013: MOGA Pro Controller Brings Console-Quality Control To Mobile Titles

Nvidia kicked off CES with a bang by announcing Project SHIELD, an Android-powered mobile gaming device with a console-quality controller. It’s not the only company at CES promising a better mobile gaming experience though. PowerA, the company behind the popular MOGA mobile gaming controller, announced the MOGA Pro controller at CES today. The device, much like the original MOGA controller, …

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