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The Evolution of Mobile Payments [Infographic]

It happens to me every time I go to the store, usually at Walmart or the grocery store, the person ahead of me, usually over the age of 60, is paying with a check. The funny thing is, although it time-consumingly irritating, I understand, they are from a different era. To many people, using your bank account means writing a …

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How We’re Using Our Mobile Devices [Nielsen Study]

With over half of America already using smartphones and about 20% owning tablet computers, it’s interesting to take a look at how we are using these devices, and also how they are changing our lives. This is what Nielsen set out to do with their latest study, and guess what what they found out? Well, like any good research effort, …

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America’s Tablet Computer Habit [Infographic]

Just like Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy (picture courtesy of ABC), America is crazy about technology gadgets. With half of America already on smartphones and a growing number of people choosing tablets over conventional desktops, mobile devices are becoming as much a part of American culture as the good old automobile. This next infographic from Yahoo! illustrates the ways we have …

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Growing Up With Mobile Technology Dampens Your Emotional Radar

Right now is one of those peculiar moments in human development where generations can be divided into a before-and-after category with regard to a significant development in technology. Immediately, all people alive these days will fall into one of two categories: knowing only a life with the presence of mobile technology, and those who can still remember the analog days …

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Toilet Texting and You [Infographic]

How many of you take your smartphone with you when you go to the bathroom? How many of you text while relieving yourself? Don’t lie, because if the upcoming infographic is true, a lot more of you do than don’t. Although, it begs the question, is tooling around on your new Android gadget any different than taking a book or …

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Mobile Devices Generated Nearly 10% Of All Internet Traffic In 2011

comScore released their annual report that assess the ever-changing landscape of mobile technology. The report, “2012 Mobile Future in Focus,” examines what’s changed in the past year as well as how those changes will shape the upcoming year in the mobile device industry. “2011 proved to be a groundbreaking year for the mobile industry, with smartphones hitting the mainstream, tablets …

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Mobile Devices Will Overtake Human Population in 2012

It’s a good thing humans come with two hands because we’re gonna need’em if we’re expected to handle the bulk of cell phones and tablets that are going to be cramping up our planet in the near future. A new study from Cisco predicts that 2012 will be the year that mobile devices will surpass the world’s population of humans. …

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BCS Championship Enjoys Large Online Audience

While the early reports of last night’s BCS Championship Game ratings were delivered with a certain kind of spin — that is, the lowest they’ve been in some time — the folks at ESPN’s press center are offering lessons on how to spin these numbers to make a positive, and they’re doing so with the help of the increase of …

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