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Google Updates Chrome For Android And iOS

Google announced updates for Chrome on both iOS and Android on Wednesday. Chrome for iPhone and iPad has been updated to Chrome 23 / 23.0.1271.91. Chrome for Android has been updated to 18.0.1025469 for ARM devices and to 18.0.1026322 for x86 devices. The iOS update includes a few new features and fixes for issues reported by users. In addition to …

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Google Brings Chrome For Android Out of Beta

While you’ve been able to download the beta version for a little while now, are you ready for a non-beta version of Chrome for Android? Google thinks that you are, or, well, at least their mobile browser is ready for prime time consumption, and so, they’ve officially removed the beta status from mobile app. According to the Google Chrome Releases …

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You’re Going To Want To Try Out The New Firefox For Android

As much as I love Mozilla and Firefox, I will make no excuses for the abysmal Android browser. I’ve been messing around with the beta Firefox Android browser for a while now since it provided some relief from the clunky and slow release version. Thankfully, the beta has finally ended and Mozilla has launched the new Firefox for Android. If …

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Yahoo! Axis Seeks to Redefine Search and Web Browsing

Yahoo! today announced the launch of Yahoo! Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop plug-in. The software hopes to redefine how users search and browse the web with “visual” search interaction and by syncing web browsing between multiple devices. Axis is now available as an app for iOS devices and as a plug-in or add-on for HTML 5 desktop browsers. …

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Twitter Updates Its Mobile Website

Twitter announced today that it is updating its mobile website. The updates are to make the website more consistent across various mobile phones and browsers. The changes to Twitter brought about last December will now be available to those using feature phones, low-bandwidth networks, and older browsers. The announcement was made by Satya Patel, Twitter vice president of product, over …

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Google Wants You to Have a Faster Mobile Internet

Google Wants You to Have a Faster Mobile Internet So they’re throwing billions of dollars at the problem to make sure you get it. Setting: You’re sitting there waiting on your bus/waiting on your fajitas/waiting on your spouse to get out of the shower and so you pull out your reliable smartphone to check out what’s going on in the …

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Firefox Remains Android-Only, No Plans For iOS

Even though Google’s focus, in relation to smartphone web browsing anyway, is firmly on Google Chrome for the Android, that doesn’t mean Mozilla has any plans of branching out to other mobile phone platforms. Thanks to a report at Pocket-lint, Mozilla’s goals for Firefox Mobile have been solidified, saying the Android platform is where the Firefox browser will remain for …

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Opera: Most Mobile Data Consumption Comes at Night

Opera has released its new State of the Mobile Web report. In the report, Opera finds that 8:00pm through 12:00am are the peak hours for mobile data consumption.

"Regardless of differences in economy, culture or location, those four evening hours account for a disproportionate amount of mobile data consumption," the company says.

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40 Million Reasons You Need a Mobile Web Presence

Opera is reporting that usage of its Opera Mini mobile browser has jumped 11% in just a month, around the world. In addition, they say data transfers have gained 16%.

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Opera Reports Global Mobile Browsing Trends

Opera released its monthly report on the state of the mobile web. The report looks at the link between downloads and usage by Opera Mini users. Reports say that Opera Mini is the most widely downloaded mobile app, so this is quite significant.

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Opera Mini Mobile Browser Reaches Milestone

Mobile web browser Opera Mini has reached a significant milestone. Opera announced that Opera Mini users viewed more than 10 billion pages in one month.

Opera Mini Pages

The company released its "State of the Mobile Web" report(pdf) this week, and it reveals some other interesting findings as well:

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