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L.A. Deputies Shoot Hostages Fleeing from Stabbing Assailant, One Dead

Aspiring television producer John Winkler, 30, was accidentally shot and killed at a West Hollywood apartment Monday following a case of mistaken identity. Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies received a call Monday detailing a man with a knife holding three residents hostage. The caller described the attacker as a Caucasian man wearing a black shirt. When deputies arrived at the …

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Why Did Facebook Disable Mark Zuckerberg’s Account?

Is Facebook in the process of eating its own? Is some kind of mutiny against Zuckerberg occurring, or is this just a case of mistaken identity? If you answered “yes” to the last option, you nailed it because the Mark Zuckerberg being discussed is not the same one brought to life by Jesse Eisenberg. Apparently, if you share a name …

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