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Mischa Barton’s Home In Foreclosure, Career In Decline

Once a bright, young star on one of the hottest TV series of the 2000s, actor Mischa Barton has seen a big decline in her career. The 28-year-old former star of The O.C. is now facing impending foreclosure of her Beverly Hills villa, which she bought in 2005 at the height of her show’s fame. Barton purchased her home during …

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Mischa Barton’s Beverly Hills Home in Foreclosure

Mischa Barton seems to be in a bad place. According to People magazine, the actress has not paid a mortgage payment in nearly five months and owes her lender upwards of $100,000. The lender has allegedly placed the $8 million property in foreclosure, and unless The O.C. actress arranges an agreement with her lender or makes her payments soon, she …

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Mischa Barton Comes Clean About Breakdown

Mischa Barton was the star of The O.C. and also had roles in several films. She seemed to have it all at a young age, but the pressure of being a young star proved too much for her and in 2009 she was committed to a psychiatric ward after threatening to commit suicide. After her stay in the hospital, she …

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Mischa Barton Talks About Her Breakdown

“The OC” star, Mischa Barton seemed to have it all, she was young rich and famous. But all of a sudden things took a turn for the worst. Barton tells People magazine that her intense party lifestyle became so overwhelming that in 2009, she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center  psychiatric ward for fear she would commit suicide. She had a …

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Mischa Barton Breaks Silence About Her Breakdown

Mischa Barton recently spoke for the first time about the issues she suffered after becoming an overnight star on “The O.C.”, and said she felt that no matter what she did, the media would scrutinize her. Barton was just 17 when the Fox show became a hit, and her star immediately began to rise. Soon, she found herself a Hollywood …

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