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Dying Light Really Is Mirror’s Edge With Zombies
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When Dying Light was first announced, it was billed as Mirror’s Edge with zombies. The comparison seemed a little simplistic and perhaps a disservice, but we couldn’t know for sure until we actually got to see some gameplay. The wait …

E3 2013: Mirror’s Edge 2 Is Finally Happening
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EA had a pretty predictable E3. We saw Battlefield 4, this year’s stable of EA Sports titles and the previously leaked Xbox One exclusive Titanfall. In fact, EA really just had one big surprise – the return of Mirror’s Edge. …

Dying Light Is Mirror’s Edge With Zombies

Mirror’s Edge was a pretty cool game. Could it be improved? Sure. Is adding zombies to the formula a good idea? We’ll find out next year. Dead Island developer Techland are hard at work on their new zombie game called …