Finance App Mint Comes To Windows 8

Finance App Mint Comes To Windows 8

By Zach Walton December 4, 2013

For those of who are too lazy to keep track of our finances, Mint was a godsend when it hit iOS and Android. Now Windows 8 users can finally keep track of their finances the easy way as well. Mint …

In TechCrunch 40’s Hallway

I never even got into see a presentation. The hallway was too good. Here’s my photos.

BuzzLogic Ready To Mint Influence Currency

The modern Net-savvy marketing consultant advises businesses of all sizes to track what blogs have to say about a brand. BuzzLogic CTO Todd Parsons suggests his firm as a way to seine the blogosphere for those nuggets of gold.

Hilary And Mitt Making A Mint

Another useful service has emerged from OpenSecrets.org, the site that tracks Congressional fundraising, with a look at how Presidential candidates spend what they have earned.

Webmaster – An Obsolete Concept?

One word that causes a great deal of problems is Webmaster. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but hear me out. I acknowledge that it will be difficult to bury the word. After all even the mighty Google helps to support the word through its immensely useful Google Webmaster Central. However I believe this word and the function that it implies can create a great deal of organizational dysfunction, particularly in big companies.

Relationship Blogging and Digg

Today is Australia Day the equivalent of the 4th of July for my buddies over the ocean.

Replacing Performancing Stats w/ StandardStats

If you didn’t hear, Performancing’s blog stats are no longer.

Software Testing and Talking

I’ve spent a bit of time this weekend with software and servers.

The Google Stock After-Dinner Mint

The closing bell has long sounded on Wall Street for the day, and Google finished a little lower than where it started.

U.S. Mint trying to make a bunch of money

Trying to cash in on a hefty $2.4 billion gold market, the U.S. Mint announced its plan to produce 24-karat gold bullion coins.