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19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Join Santorum at Gathering

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar joined Mike Huckabee in a roundtable discussion at an event in Iowa today that was billed as the America Takes Action for Iowa Homeschool Day. The Duggars were on hand to “talk about the importance …

Megyn Kelly Would Like to Welcome Mike F––kabee to the Program

It’s easy to accidentally slip an F-bomb into everyday conversation. Everyone does it. You mean to say you’re going to drop off the truck, and suddenly you’re dropping off f–k. It happens to the best of us. Well, it happened …

Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton: Can They Relate?

Hillary Clinton, who many presume will eventually step forward and tell the rest of us that she is running for president, has caught some flack lately for her handling of questions about her wealth. Hillary has said that, when she …

Sarah Silverman vs. Huckabee and O’Reilly
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Just in case you were wondering, Sarah Silverman doesn’t like it when people tell her what to do with her vagina. The controversial comedienne had strong words about Mike Huckabee’s comments regarding women’s health when she stopped by MSNBC yesterday. …

Rush Limbaugh Losing Radio Show Crown To Huckabee?
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Since Rush Limbaugh has been under fire for his comments about Sandra Fluke, it hasn’t just been advertisers who are heading for the hills. People who had supported Limbaugh in the past are starting to wonder what he’s up to. …

Obama, Huckabee Win New Hampshire (Web Visits)

Internet visitors to Presidential candidate websites from New Hampshire have made Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama their favorite Republican and Democratic destinations.

Compete: Meetup.com Helps Ron Paul Campaign
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The rabid fan base of supporters for Paul’s Presidential nomination run have made use of the Internet, particularly Meetup, to aid the candidate.