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Super-Potent Meth In Texas Can Be Absorbed Through Skin
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A highly-potent strain of meth has been discovered in a Texas middle school, and authorities say it’s so strong it can be absorbed into the skin if one comes into contact with it. The liquid drug was found at Blocker …

School Bus Overturns Near Kansas City

This afternoon around 1:00 pm, a school bus overturned near Kansas City, Missouri. On board was a group of sixth grade girls from Pembroke Hill School, a private school in Kansas City. When the bus made a sharp turn too …

Middle-School Principal Charged in Locker Room Recording
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A principal charged with encouraging her daughter to secretly videotape conversations inside a high school locker room could face up to 20 years in prison and a $20,000 if convicted of the crime. Wendee Long, principal of Wayside Middle School …

Addressing The Problem Of Bullying On Facebook

Yesterday, Tony Orsini, my son’s middle school principal sent a blunt letter to all parents telling us that we should ban social networks for our middle school children. I was unsure whether it was acceptable for me to print the latter when I got it, but our New York CBS TV station had a headline today, "NJ Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking" in which it prints the whole letter. You should read it for yourself. I respect Tony, but he’s wrong on this one.