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New Kinect Features Previewed in New Video

Microsoft is betting big on its next-generation version of its Kinect motion sensor. The device has been packed in with every one of its upcoming Xbox One consoles, ensuring that all Xbox gamers will have a Kinect. This has caused …

IllumiRoom Has The Potential To Be The Next Big Thing In Gaming

One of the coolest inventions shown at CES was IllumiRoom, a projector technology from Microsoft that would expand the gaming experience beyond the TV. In other words, it would display visuals from the game on the wall around the TV …

Microsoft Talks Machine Learning, Biological Science
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David Heckerman from Microsoft research recently discussed some examples of how machine learning is affecting genomics and changing the pace of scientific breakthroughs. “Until recently, the wet lab has been a crucial component of every biologist,” Microsoft Research says. “Today’s …

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Takes Gaming Beyond the Edge of the TV Screen
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Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s department for experimental computer science projects, has unveiled the “IllumiRoom,” a projector system that extends the action in video games beyond the edge of the TV screen. What’s most impressive about it is that it doesn’t require …

Microsoft Social Network Socl Gets New Design, “Me Pages” Microsoft Social Network Socl Gets New Design, “Me Pages”
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Remember Socl? It’s a social network that Microsoft Research launched in beta a while back. It was initially for students, but in May, they launched it to the public. Now it is out with a new design and something called …

Microsoft Has Shattered The Language Barrier Microsoft Has Shattered The Language Barrier
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The language barrier is an insurmountable wall for many people. Those of us who have spent three years in high school Spanish and came away with nothing can attest to that. That’s why so many of us have put faith …

Microsoft’s Next Kinect May Feature Finger Tracking Microsoft’s Next Kinect May Feature Finger Tracking
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It was rumored that the original Xbox 360 Kinect would feature finger tracking. The feature was obviously absent from the original accessory’s launch, but there’s still hope that a future iteration of the device could provide the kind of precision …

Who Falls For Nigerian Email Scams? The Gullible, of Course
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We’ve all gotten them. The emails from someone purporting to have a lot of money that needs help sailing through the tricky waters of international banking. The ones that need us (me!) to do the important work of banking for …

Microsoft Has Lots to Say About Future of Search

Today, the 32nd annual ACM SIGIR (Special Interest Group for Information Retrieval) Conference kicked off in Boston. The five-day event is taking place in Boston.

The Microsoft Research Group is showing off some "future-looking innovations" at the event, in the search and information retrieval field, naturally.