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Is Facebook Secretly Listening to You to Target Ads?

Facebook knows you pretty well. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Facebook knows more about what you like and how much you like it than many of your friends. Think about it. You’ve been dropping Facebook subtle and not-so-subtle hints for years. You casually “like” Netflix, The Big Lebowski, and AMC Theaters over the years? Facebook knows you …

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Google Patents Microphone “Tattoo” For Your Neck

What’s up with Google and hi-tech tattoos? Earlier this year, Motorola showed off a new concept for wearable computing that involved the user getting an electronic tattoo. Now Google has filed a patent for a similar technology that may one day replace the now new smart watch. Google’s new patent – “Coupling an electronic skin tattoo to a mobile communication …

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Surprise: The Xbox One Mic Will Have Superior Audio Quality

Microsoft hit upon a stroke of genius when it included a mic with every premium Xbox 360 sold in 2005 and 2006. It ensured that nearly everybody in an online match could talk to one another thus fostering a better sense of community. Now it’s doing the same with the Xbox One, but the mic has gone through some improvements. …

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