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Top MSN Messenger Apps

Microsoft ran a competition for MSN Messenger (soon to be WLM) applications at worldsbestapp.com.

Shooting the Messenger

UPI is reporting that General Motors has canned Tony Kowaleski as its top PR executive and convinced former GM communicator Steve Harris to come back and improve GM’s battered image.

MSN Messenger On A Stick

BoingBoing points to The ThoughtSafe, a USB stick that is encrypted and contains a custom version of MSN Messenger.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Power Play

Participating in the first UK preview of Windows Live in London last Thursday evening was a worthwhile experience.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Yahoo! Multi Messenger Up For Download
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It looks like the hacker team at Addict3d.com have developed an application that allows users to run multiple Yahoo! Messenger account simultaneously.

Yahoo Messenger Features Questioned In Reports

Some of the extras provided with the free instant messaging client have a few outlets crying foul.

Microsoft Targeting End-of-year For Skype Demise?

Making a PC-to-phone call from one’s PC will be integrated into MSN Messenger by year’s end.

MSN Purchases VoIP Capabilities

There are a number of ways to inform the public of your business. Two of the more popular ways being used by Internet-related companies deals with either a large online and offline marketing campaign, which is usually astronomically expensive. The second, and seemingly more preferred method uses more of a viral approach.

Microsoft Chats Up MSN Messenger

Version 7.5 of MSN Messenger quietly debuted recently, with support for text, voice, and video chat.

Yahoo Messenger Calls On Voice Feature
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A few updates to the Sunnyvale company’s messenger client adds support for voice calls and other features.

Microsoft Messenger For Mac: New & Improved

The Redmond based software monolith, Microsoft, announced they are expanding their MAC instant messaging software. The new tab viewing display will allow users to access both corporate and personal Messenger accounts and set a unique status for each user.

MSNBC.com Adding Video To MSN Messenger

The online presence for the MSNBC cable channel drew nearly 23.8 million visitors in June.

The Onslaught Begins: Yahoo and MSN Messenger Begin the Assault on Skype!

Many of you have probably already read some of the many articles about the latest release of Yahoo messenger which incorporates VoIP..

An Inside Look At Yahoo! Messenger

I attended a pre-launch briefing for the new Yahoo Messenger. I have to hand it to the folks at Yahoo for having people like me …

Instan-t Messenger 4.5 With New Video Chat Powered by Macromedia

Interactive Networks Inc., announces the latest release of Instan-t 4.5 freeware, a mayor update to the public instant messaging service it offers. New features include voice and video chat compatible with AOL, MSN, ICQ & Yahoo Messengers.

Microsoft Issues A Number Of Security Updates

A day after the SP2 block expired, Microsoft released a number of updates addressing security issues affecting Windows, Office, Messenger, and Exchange. Of the eight updates (five for Windows), five are considered to be critical.

More Skype and more MSN

Internet phone service provider Skype has released a new update to version 1.2 of its desktop application for Windows.

MSN Messenger Features Video, Voice, Personalization Breakthroughs

MSN has begun rolling out the latest versions of MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces in markets around the world.

Launch Of MSN Messenger 7.0, Spaces Presents Advertising Opportunities

With new or improved web communication properties comes new advertising potential. At least, that’s the way Microsoft is approaching yesterday’s launch of MSN Spaces and the release of MSN Messenger 7.0.

MSN Officially Launches MSN Messenger 7.0 And MSN Spaces

Today, Microsoft raised the curtain on two services, the first being an update to the popular MSN Messenger, which has been updated to 7.0.