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Samsung’s ChatON Messaging App Hits 100 Million Users Samsung’s ChatON Messaging App Hits 100 Million Users
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Samsung today announced that 100 million smartphone users are now also using its ChatON messaging app. The app had hit 50 million users just this past May after having launched in 2011. The news comes as mobile messaging apps such …

Beast, Zuck’s Dog, Gets His Own Stickers in Facebook Chat Beast, Zuck’s Dog, Gets His Own Stickers in Facebook Chat

Mark Zuckerberg’s Puli (a type of Hungarian Sheepdog) has to be one of the most popular dogs in the world – at least one of the most “liked.” Back in 2011, Beast Zuckerberg got his own Facebook page (in clear …

Snapchat Launches Kid-Friendly Version That Doesn’t Allow the Sending of Messages Snapchat Launches Kid-Friendly Version That Doesn’t Allow the Sending of Messages
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Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat is unveiling a new version of its service designed for all the youngsters out there – those under the age of 13. It’s called “SnapKidz,” and it comes along with a new iOS update. Basically, it …

Facebook Adds Quick Like Reply to Mobile Messages, Prevents You from Having to Use the Dreaded ‘K’ Facebook Adds Quick Like Reply to Mobile Messages, Prevents You from Having to Use the Dreaded ‘K’
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It’s a small update, but an interesting one. Facebook has added a new like button reply option inside mobile messaging that lets you confirm, like, agree with, basically give a generic positive affirmation to any message with one tap. The …

Facebook Working on Snapchat-Like App for Secret Agents & Sexters [REPORT] Facebook Working on Snapchat-Like App for Secret Agents & Sexters [REPORT]
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This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1… Facebook is making another move to assert itself into the private messaging space, as the company is reportedly working on a standalone app that takes its cues from another popular messaging app …

iPhone App That Could Save Careers iPhone App That Could Save Careers

There is no shortage of apps and add-ons to iPhones that are huge helps to people. Within apps alone, you can do your banking, queue up (or watch) Netflix choices, edit HD photos, learn to play guitar, or buy anything …

Will Music Marketing Be Hurt By Facebook Messaging?

 Yesterday, Facebook announced their own "modern messaging system" that combines email, text messaging, and instant messages into a single stream that founder Mark Zuckerberg says goes well "beyond email".  The new service, which will debut Monday with an iPhone app and roll out over the next few months, mimics the behavior of teens who are already abandoning conventional email to converse across multiple platforms in s

MySpace Comes to Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger
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MySpace has announced integration with Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. The beta integration is rolling out to mutual users of the two services starting today.

"By integrating core features of both platforms, users will be able to discover what their friends are doing online through photos and the activity stream across social networks," says MySpace’s Manu Rekhi.

Yahoo and Nokia Team Up on Mobile Messaging, Maps
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Yahoo and Nokia officially announced a partnership, which has been expected for several days.

The two companies, which have collaborated for five years,  will provide consumers with e-mail, instant messaging and maps and navigation services. Specifically under the partnership:

Opera Acquires Email Service Provider FastMail

Opera announced today it has acquired web-based email provider FastMail.fm. Opera’s offered its own email client since 2000, and now it will use FastMail to expand its own messaging product across various devices from mobile to TVs and gaming consoles.

Watch Videos in Your Gmail Chat
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Google has added a new feature to Gmail, which allows users to watch videos within their chat windows. This eliminates the need to leave your Gmail window when someone sends you one.

Text Messaging Right From Gmail
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Gmail has introduced a new Labs feature that allows users to send SMS text messaages to their contacts directly from Gmail. This will help stay in touch with people you have been chatting with in Gmail if they are away from their computer.

To utilize this feature:

1. Click on Settings
2. Got to the Labs tab
3. Scroll down until you see "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat"
4. Select Enable
5. Save Changes

Meebo and Universal to Put Fans in Touch with Musicians
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Universal Music Group and instant messaging and group chat provider Meebo have partnered up to offer an interactive experience between users and musicians. If you are not familiar with Meebo, it allows users to sign in through other services like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN Web Messenger.

Cisco Buying Messaging Provider Jabber
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CiscoCisco aims to bolster its strategy of building internal software innovations. The company announced that it is acquiring presence and messaging software provider Jabber.This is just Cisco’s latest venture into new markets following purchases of WebEx, IronPort, Securent and PostPath.

Police Misconduct Lawsuits Prompts TxtMob Subpoena

The TxtMob technology allows people to contact groups of like-minded folks in a bulletin board way with mobile devices. New York City wants to know who used it in August 2004.

Mozilla Messaging Launches Today

The email and messaging division of the Mozilla Foundation opens with the lofty aim of fixing email, starting with development of Thunderbird 3.

Young Europeans Love Their Text Messaging

E-marketer delivered a Forester study today that showed that 92% of young mobile users in certain European countries report sending SMS text messages on their phone.

Teens Use IMs To Avoid Awkward Conversations

A new Associated Press-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey released today finds that forty-three percent of teen IM users have used instant messaging to say something they would not say to someone in person.

Is IM coming to Facebook?

Sam Sethi at Blognation UK has a scoop: apparently, he got a preview of a new instant messaging app for Facebook — and according to his description, it doesn’t require you to download or install anything, or to register, as many Facebook apps do.

You just sign in and use it. At the risk of sounding like a Facebook fan-boy, I think this could be huge.

MySpace Instant Messaging Available On eBuddy

eBuddy, an independent provider of Web and mobile instant messaging said it is adding MySpace IM to its list of supported IM networks.

Instant Messaging Market To Double

The global market for enterprise instant messaging will reach $688 million in 2010, up from $267 million in 2005 according to Gartner.

The firm estimates that IM will overtake voice, video and text chat for workers by 2011 and that 95 percent of workers in top global companies would make it their primary application for real-time communications by 2013.

E-mail will still have a role in communications because of its archiving capabilities. IM will be used along with e-mail instead of replacing it.