Merger Articles

Adobe’s Apollo Program

Offline applications have often been a thorn in the side of developers. Adobe is coming to the rescue – the company has begun work on a project, dubbed Apollo, which would allow developers to insert hooks for portability to offline clients.

Can a Napkin Business Plan be the Next Google?

Marketing Experiments has announced a “Back of a Napkin” business planning contest. They say they are are looking for the next Google’.

Sprint and Nextel Get Merger Approval From Shareholders

Shareholders of both Nextel and Sprint have voted to approve the merge or equals between Sprint Corp. and Nextel Communications, which was announced back in December.

Shareholders Approve Merger of P&G and Gillette

Procter & Gamble’s plan to acquire Gillette for $57 billion has been approved by shareholders of both companies. As a result of the merger, P&G will increase the products it sells, adding items like razors and batteries.

Nextel Partners Blocking Sprint, Nextel Merger

The company says it doesn’t want to stop the planned merger, but has sued over a branding dispute.

Symantec, Veritas Shareholders Endorse Merger

The planned merger received the stamp of shareholder approval today in overwhelming fashion.

Justice Department Rubber Stamps US Airways Merger

The proposed merger of America West and US Airways earned the approval of a federal antitrust official.

Unicredito and HVB To Cut 9,000 Jobs Upon Merger

If the planned merger of Unicredito and Germany’s HVB Group goes through, the companies plan to cut 9,000 jobs. This would lead to a 50% jump in operating income for the two banks.

Apple And Intel Merger Theorized

Legendary pundit Robert X. Cringely thinks there’s more to Apple’s switch to Intel chips besides giving developers a headstart on porting applications.

ProLogis and Catellus Boards Approve Merger

The boards of ProLogis and Catellus Development have approved the acquisition of all Catellus’s outstanding common stock by ProLogis.The deal is valued at approximately $4.9 billion, including assumed liabilities and transaction costs.

America West US Airways Merger Not Without Problems
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Last week, America West Holdings and US Airways announced that they plan to merge to create a nationwide airline that is competitive with low-fare carriers.

Airline Merger Ready To Fly

US Airways prepares to merge with America West, and an announcement could come this week.

NYSE Seat Owner Files Lawsuit To Prevent Merger

New York Stock Exchange seat owner, William Higgins filed a lawsuit to prevent its merger with Archipelago Holdings.

MCI Loss Narrows As Merger Begins

Lower operating expenses in its mass-markets division helped the telco reduce its loss for the quarter.

Hundreds of Developers at Microsoft and SAP Working Together

Hundreds of developers at Microsoft and SAP will work together on a new product designed to link together their business software …

The Real Target Of Adobe Macromedia Merger

It’s not who you may think. Consider the combined technologies of the two companies, and you may conclude Microsoft is marked for death.

Mack To Advise NYSE Merger Opposition

John Mack who used to be chief exec of Credit Suisse First Boston has been appointed adviser to a group who opposes the NYSE merger with Archipelago.

Valero Energy and Premcor Enter Merger

Valero Energy and Premcor have entered a merger agreement for Valero to acquire Premcor for $8 billion.

US Airways Merger With America West Not Definite

US Airways has confirmed that it has been in talks with America West, but a deal has not been set in stone.

Merger Brings Joy to Archipelago

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is merging with the Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx) to become NYSE Group, Inc. which will be publicly held.

US Airways and America West Discuss Possible Merger

US Airways and America West have been in merger talks, and the companies are now looking for investors.