Memorial Day Articles

George W. Bush Undergoes Partial Knee Replacement

Former President George W. Bush underwent a partial knee replacement in Chicago on Saturday and returned back home to Texas on Monday. His spokesman Freddy Ford said via an email statement on Tuesday that he was “doing great,” and was …

Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Ride Returns to Washington D.C.

Keeping with the spirit behind the Memorial Day celebration, the Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” event is another fantastic way to honor those who have served for the United States. The focus, however, of the Rolling Thunder event is to …

Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide
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While Memorial Day is a time for reverence, to honor those who have given their lives to military service for our great country, it is also a huge weekend for food and drink. Countless burgers will be grilled, steaks will …

Google Decides Veteran’s Day’s Okay

Since Google began decorating its logo on certain holidays back in 1999, the company has been roundly criticized by American patriots for not honoring two holidays close to their hearts: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. At least one of those made the cut in 2007.

Yesterday, Veterans Day got its due.