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Melissa Joan Hart’s Memoir Exposes Drug Use

All of us know Melissa Joan Hart from Clarissa Explains It All, her days as the innocent spellcaster in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, and her most recent sitcom Melissa And Joey, but is she really innocent as we perceive from the media? Her new memoir Melissa Explains It All may expose more than we know. Even though Hart’s memoir has …

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Apparently, It Sucked To Be A Woman Working For Facebook, Circa 2005

As the now-famous story illustrates, Facebook sprung out of the minds of college boys, in the halls of Harvard University. According to the story proposed by the Oscar-nominated “based on real life” movie The Social Network, you can track the entire idea of Facebook back to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s feelings of inadequacy – in terms of the Harvard elite as …

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Kindness Hitchhiker Admits to Shooting Himself

The “kindness hitchhiker”, also known as the guy who was shot by a complete stranger during his hitchhiking tour across Montana, has admitted to police that he put a hot chunk of lead in himself as a method of self-promotion. According to the Associated Press, Ray Dolin, 39, confessed everything to authorities while recovering from the self-inflicted gunshot wound at …

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