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Samsung Galaxy Tablets Still Growing Larger, Shows Leak

Samsung’s quest to offer a mobile Galaxy-branded device in every conceivable size category is continuing apace. GSMArena this week reported that Samsung is preparing three new tablet devices in a variety of sizes. The report’s unnamed source revealed that the largest of these tablets has a whopping 13.3-inch display. This display size matches the one Asus chose for its dual-OS …

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Samsung’s Mega-Tablets Could be Flops

Last year rumors held that both Samsung and Apple were working on mega-tablets, larger versions of their popular tablet lines that could contain displays larger than one foot across. The tales turned out to be true in Samsung’s case, though it seems now that the Korean company may end up regretting that fact. DigiTimes Research today released a report detailing …

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Apple’s Rumored Mega-iPad Reportedly on Hold

Last year, when rumors of Apple’s 12-inch mega-iPad surfaced the product seemed to make sense. Ever larger smartphones have begun to encroach on the sizes of popular 7-inch tablets and the bigger-is-better mentality of the mobile device industry will inevitably lead to huge tablets anyway. Now, though, it seems that Apple hasn’t been able to develop such a device that …

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Sales of Smaller Tablets Could Fall This Year

Though Apple kicked off the tablet market with the iPad, it was Amazon that expanded the market to its current size. With its less expensive seven-inch Kindle Fire tablet Amazon pioneered the low-cost tablet segment and Samsung, Apple, and nearly every other manufacturer followed along, with sales of seven- and eight-inch tablets now dominating the tablet industry. Now, however, it …

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Samsung’s Mega-Tablets Are Coming to the U.S. in February

One month ago at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Samsung officially announced its long-rumored 12-inch mega-tablets. Named the Galaxy Note Pro and the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, the devices are 12.2-inch tablets with all of the features of Samsung’s smaller tablet lineup. Today Samsung announced that the Note Pro and Tab Pro will be hitting the U.S. market on February …

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Apple, Samsung Creating Mega-Tablets [RUMOR]

As Apple tacitly acknowledged with the iPhone 5’s larger screen, consumers are craving the larger screens seen in high-end Android smartphones. At the same time, a large number of consumers seem to be more interested in smaller, less expensive 7-inch tablets, rather than the 9.7-inch iPad. Now Both Apple and Samsung are betting that there is a market for tablets …

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