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NY Mayor Bloomberg Sounds Off on Trans Fat Ban

Earlier today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a new classification for trans fats that would essentially ban partially hydrogenated oils from being used in food. While the proposal has reignited a national debate government regulation and public health, other parts of the U.S. have had trans fat bans for years. As with many public health laws, New …

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Mayor Bloomberg Accuses De Blasio of Racist Campaign: Twitter Reacts

Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Major, accused Bill de Blasio (D), the front runner to succeed him as Mayor, as running a “racist” campaign. The original interview was published in the New York Magazine. During this interview, Bloomberg was asked to clarify what he meant exactly. Bloomberg commented that De Blasio is “…making an appeal using his family to …

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New York Gas Rationing Begins in Storm’s Wake

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week signed an emergency order establishing gas rationing throughout the city. The implemented system uses odd-even license plate numbers to designate alternating days on which customers can purchase gasoline and diesel fuel. Commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, busses, doctors, and taxis are all exempt. The mayor stated that the rationing was needed to reduce …

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Obesity and Coca-Cola Do Not Go Hand in Hand, CEO Claims

Obesity in adults and children has been linked to a number of foods and beverages over the years. According to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola are to blame, as well. So concerned is he about the expanding waistline of his citizens that Bloomberg is attempting to impose a ban on these 16-ounce liquid calorie …

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16 Ounce Sugary Beverages on the Chopping Block in New York City

In an effort to keep everyone from swelling to the size of small dirigibles, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban 16-ounce sugary drinks from ever touching the lips of those who secretly pine for the calorie-rich beverages on a daily basis. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “If I can’t buy 16-ounces of soda at my favorite restaurant, …

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Bloomberg’s Social Media Headache: Too Much Criticism

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York traveled to Singapore to accept the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prizaward for outstanding leadership and achievement in sustainable policy. It’s an international award given out biennially that celebrates sustainable urban policies that are cost-effective and practical. Despite the fact that Bloomberg maintains an outstanding social media presence, he warned citizens of Singapore …

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