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Hughes The Force Mashes Up John Hughes, Star Wars

So what happens when you mix John Hughes, Star Wars with a touch of Kevin Smith? It might be something like Hughes the Force, a 35 minute movie that mixes one part Weird Science and one part Fanboys as some …

Mister Rogers Remix Explores The “Garden Of Your Mind”

There are very few television personalities that have achieved icon status in the way that Fred Rogers has. For 895 episodes spanning a few decades, Mister Rogers taught kids to love and respect themselves and their neighbors in his trademarked …

Radiohead In 8-Bit Sound Quality

Remember the dulcet sounds of video game soundtracks in 8-bit format? Music from titles like Double Dragon and the first Mario Brothers? Of course you do. If not, take a moment to remind yourself. Now that that’s taken care of, …

Heat Map Sightseeing With Google Earth Heat Map Sightseeing With Google Earth

When you’re getting ready to travel, or go out and about, normally, people want to go where the action is. Granted, there are those of us who want to get away from it all, and vacation accordingly, but there are …

Resources for Gettting More Out of YouTube

YouTube has made helping users a priority lately. This tradition continues with a couple of announcements.

Users Helping Users

Inaugural Google Maps Mashups Everywhere
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Yesterday, we looked at different places around the Internet to get your inauguration coverage. Today Google is sharing a few Google Maps mashups that are out there.

Google, BBC Make Mash-Ups

The word “mash-up” has certain connotations; the product may not be too polished, or it could be downright amateurish.  The British Broadcasting Corporation is not an amateur, however; the BBC is, in fact, the world’s biggest broadcasting corporation.  And the BBC’s into mash-ups.

Speedgeeking Spins Off Google Maps Mashups

“Speedgeeking” is an odd term – it apparently relates to speed dating – and yet, when a bunch of Googlers engaged in this activity, the end result was a number of interesting Google Maps mashups.

Google Maps to Mash-up Companies

Man, talk about a kick in the groin. Over the past few months, Google has been happily providing a Google Maps API to any developer that asked, and encouraging them to create mash-ups (ie. add their own useful content) of the mapping search technology.

Photobucket Offers Online Video Mashups
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Photobucket has launched a new service that will allow its 35 million users to do video editing online with technology powered by Adobe. The Adobe Web based video remix and editing technology is currently in Beta. Users can now combine photos, videos, text, and music to create videos or mashups of content from their Photobucket albums.

Social Media Mashups

A few interesting tools I’ve been made aware of recently that online marketers could use for making their social media more interesting or different include the following tools to add text to images or video:

Teqlo – Do-It-Yourself Mashups

If you’re one of those people who’ve been waiting for somebody to create a tool that would let ordinary mortals without programming expertise mix and match applications and create their own mashups, today’s your big day.

Oodle Opens Its Classified API

Classifieds search engine Oodle.com made its application programming interface generally available today, and introduced a new affiliate program for API users.

Forbes on Mashups
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What do Rachel Rosmarin and myself have in common? Well, she writes for industry-leading Forbes Magazine and I write/manage GISuser… big deal eh? [just kiddin around!]

Mashup Friday TV Edition

Everyone has heard about The Sopranos map mashup, but it’s not the only television show that has received the mashup treatment recently.

Trains, Urinals, And Iranian Nuke Mashups

Users around the world have done a lot with the APIs provided by the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Amazon; one site delivers a RSS feed of mashups, so no one has to miss out on the next one to come along.

Platforms, Mashups, and Markets

Yesterday Greg Linden asked Is Web 2.0 nothing more than mashups? In that post, he makes the following claim …