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Tao Of Twitter Author Talks Follower Count, Retweeting And Lists

We recently interviewed Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter. We discussed a variety of topics, like Twitter’s lack of a TweetDeck-like interface, real-time search, the Twitter directory and embeddable timelines widget, and Klout score. He had some other points to make that we didn’t use in any other articles, but were still worth sharing, so here you go. …

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How Much Does Klout Score Matter?

“While you may abhor the idea of a company like Klout judging or grading you on a daily basis, it’s already happening and companies are paying attention, so we shouldn’t just ignore this trend.” That’s a quote from the book The Tao Of Twitter, by Mark Schaefer. It comes from a chapter about influence on Twitter, something that many businesses …

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Here’s What The Guy Who Wrote The Book On Twitter Thinks About Its Directory And Embeddable Timelines Widget

Twitter has recently launched a user profile directory and an embeddable timelines widget. The two features are fairly unrelated, but since we had the opportunity to converse with Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao Of Twitter, we thought we’d pick his brain about them. The Twitter Profile Directory “It has been frustratingly difficult finding users on Twitter unless you know …

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Without Realtime Search, Google Risks Pushing News Seekers Away To Twitter

Will Google ever restore its realtime search feature? Will Google and Twitter ever reach another agreement giving Google the access to Twitter’s firehose it needs to make the feature useful? Would the feature ever work without Twitter? These are questions we’ve asked repeatedly since the deal expired last year, and the realtime search feature went way. Given that Google’s mission …

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Why Hasn’t Twitter Launched A TweetDeck-like Interface?

Last week, Twitter launched a redesign for TweetDeck. The biggest change was the color. It switched to a lighter one. They also added a new way to switch themes and the ability to change your font. Twitter bought TweetDeck last year, leading many to assume that Twitter was about to get a TweetDeck-like interface, or some features from the product, …

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