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Sony Details Knack’s Co-Op Mode, Social Features

Mark Cerny played a helping hand in designing some of the most respected and beloved platformers of the mid-90s, like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Due to the limitations of those consoles, however, they couldn’t provide a co-op experience. That’s all going to change with Cerny’s PS4 launch game – Knack. Sony announced today that Knack, like so many …

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Knack Gets A Mobile Tie-In Game For iOS

One of the more interesting PS4 launch titles is Knack – an action platformer directed by Mark Cerny. The game looks to hearken back to the good ol’ days of character drive platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank while updating the gameplay with modern sensibilities. One aspect of its modernization is a companion mobile app. Sony Computer Entertainment …

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Mark Cerny Answers Fan Questions, Discusses Knack

It’s no secret that I love Mark Cerny – the PS4 system architect and game design director on Knack. He has a voice that could soothe giants, and his knowledge of games and how they’re made is vast. Every interview with the guy is a delight, and Sony has delivered yet again with a new video of Cerny answering questions …

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Mark Cerny Talks PS4, Knack And Indie Games

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect on the PS4, is one of the most delightful people in the industry. That’s almost entirely due to the passion he displays for the PlayStation platform and gaming as a whole whenever he talks. In this latest interview with Game Informer, Cerny retreads his work on the PS4 from the original concept to where …

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Watch Mark Cerny Talk About His PS4 Launch Title Knack

Mark Cerny is the most delightful hardware/software engineer that you’ll ever meet. His talk about his experiences as the PS4’s lead system architect sounds like it would be boring, but it’s actually a fascinating look into the mind of a gamer that just wants to make things more fun. Well, Sony put out a new Conversations with Creators video with …

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Watch This 45-Minute Talk From PS4 Architect Mark Cerny

Mark Cerny is like a really nice (and really awesome) teacher of the gaming business. He has a demeanor that’s instantly likable, and his breadth of knowledge ensures that you actually learn something when he speaks. If you like Cerny as much as I do, you’re in a for a treat today. His recent talk at Gamelab in Barcelona this …

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