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Dead Dolphins Washed Ashore on the Peru Coast Last Month

Wildlife experts have confirmed that last January over 400 dolphins washed up on the beaches of northern Peru, which is not too far away from the borders of nearby neighbor Ecuador. Two hundred were washed ashore within the first three weeks and by the end of the month, 200 more were determined dead. Twice that amount was found in Peru …

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Atomic Wedgie Murder: Ex-Marine Kills Stepfather With Underwear

Oklahoma police say a man killed his stepfather when he performed an “atomic wedgie” on him. So what is an atomic wedgie? Definition: (noun) A prank in which a person’s underpants are pulled up sharply from behind up to the shoulders or higher, in order to wedge the clothing uncomfortably between the person’s buttocks. Atomic wedgie illustrated below. (image) Brad Davis, 33, was arrested and …

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Maui Shark Attack Kills Fisherman

A shark attack in Maui resulted in the death of a kayak fisherman whose foot was severed in the attack. The fisherman, who has been identified by the Maui County Police Department as Patrick Briney Stevenson, was reported to have been fishing with a partner at the time of his attack. Briney’s fishing partner allegedly spotted a nearby boat from …

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Kelly Cottle: Picture of Husband and Wife Goes Viral

A heart-warming photo of a wife giving her husband, a double amputee, a piggyback ride has gone viral. Kelly Cottle’s husband, Jesse Cottle, was serving as a Marine in Afghanistan in 2009. While he was on duty oversees, Jesse stepped on an IED and an explosion occurred causing him to lose both of his legs. “It was tough and it …

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Obama Criticizing Marine Faces Disciplinary Panel

Sergent Gary Stein faced a disciplinary panel which by all accounts has suggested that he be discharged from the Marine Corps. with an “other than honorable” discharge. The findings of the 13-hour hearing and an hour of deliberation will be presented to Brigadier General Daniel Yoo, the commanding general of the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, where Stein is stationed. He …

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