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Ticketmaster Testing Online Seat Map Feature

Ticketmaster has begun beta testing a new online "Interactive Seat Maps" for a select number of sports teams.

Interactive Seat Maps allows users to navigate and choose from all seats and configurations. Ticketmaster’s traditional "best available" searches uses computers to search availability one row at a time, the upgraded maps allows people to look for tickets in any part of a venue.

MapQuest Gets its Own Street View
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AOL’s MapQuest has announced the launch of "360 View," a feature that may remind Google users of Google Maps Street view. For now, it’s available for 30 cities and 13 suburbs in the United States, with more on the way.

"We have studied our industry, gleaning tidbits here and there, and polled our customer base in creating a simple, easy-to-use interface that fits seamlessly into the MapQuest mapping experience you have come to know and understand," says MapQuest.

New Google Maps for Android Gets Experimental

Google released Google Maps 3.3 for Android today, which lets users find nearby businesses, try new experimental "Labs" projects, and report problems with map data from their phone.

Users can check to see what businesses are nearby at anytime, by simply long-pressing on the map, tapping the bubble, and going to the option that says "What’s Nearby?". Users will get a menu that shows a business, and it can be clicked on to see more nearby places. The feature can also be accessed from the "My Location" menu or from address search results.

Critical Local Search Factors To Pay Attention To
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Local search is only one sliver of the search marketing game, but it is an increasingly important one, and one that is changing rapidly. These days people are going to the web to find local businesses, sometimes more than even the phone book. Having a presence in local search is imperative for any small business, but just as imperative is being able to compete for visibility.

Bing Launches New Maps with Apps
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Microsoft has announced the launch of a new Bing Maps beta, which incorporates Streetside and Photosynth imagery.

"The new Bing Maps experience also features innovative new mapping applications such as Twitter Maps for real-time updates by area and Local Lens featuring hyperlocal, neighborhood content," a representative for Bing tells WebProNews. There are a number of interesting apps available, which is easily the most interesting part about Bing’s new Maps experience:

eBay Previews Possible Geotargeting Feature for Sellers

As you may know, Black Friday is a pretty popular day for online shopping as well as offline. With that in mind, it is no surprise that a lot of people turned to eBay to find deals and work on their holiday gift buying.

Google Enhances Real Estate Search

Google has added some new real estate search features to Google Maps. Earlier this year, Google expanded this functionality by letting you select "real estate" from the "more" menu. Now you can just search for "real estate" or other real estate-related geographical queries and get listings.

Bing Maps Gets an Upgrade
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Microsoft announced that it has made some changes to Bing Maps. Changes include the color of the navigation bar, draggble routes, zoom bar changes, command parsing, embedding, dynamic computing, new navigation, speed, and Bing Maps will no longer stop at the international date line, but will wrap around the world continuously.

National Geographic, Weather.com Befriend Bing
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National Geographic and Weather.com are not, if we’re to be honest, nearly as trendy as something like Twitter or Facebook.  Still, both entities garner a significant amount of respect (and a significant number of page views), and Bing recently received a sort of nod from each of them.

Google Makes Biggest Design Changes to Maps Yet

Google is rolling out the biggest set of changes it has ever made to Google Maps since it launched nearly five years ago. The changes come in a variety of manners, like refinements to color, density, typography, and road-styling. These changes are visible in the "map" and "hybrid" views around the world.

MapQuest Launches Navigator iPhone App

Update: MapQuest has now issued a pricing update on the official blog:

Google Updates Maps with New Dataset

Google announced the launch of a new dataset for Google Maps, which opens up a lot more scenery. Now Google is able to provide better imagery and maps for things like parks, college campuses, and hiking trails.

Using Google Maps for a Giant Game of Monopoly
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Update: The day came for the big game, but apparnetly too much interest had been generated because the game’s site has been down most of the day.

Original Article: Tomorrow (September 9), a giant worldwide game of Monopoly will commence, using the real world. That is, the real world on Google Maps. Hasbro, the creators of the classic board game, are launching the game called, "Monopoly City Streets," in which players will fight for the largest empire in the world.

Businesses Can Submit Their Property to Google Street View
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Google introduced its Street View Partner Program today. This lets organizations and businesses apply to have their property featured in Street View on Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps for Mobile.

Google Improves Maps for Mobile

Google is adding a good deal of the functionality from Google maps to Google Maps for Mobile. This includes the ability to access and interact with different layers like Traffic, My Maps, and Search layers at the same time.

Live Search Comes to MSN City Guides
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Microsoft has introduced a new version of MSN City Guides in a move the company calls "one step in a long term plan to help users stay in the know wherever they are."

The new MSN City Guides makes ample use of Live Search and Live Search Maps as well as video and social media. Users can share information through Windows Live and Facebook. Microsoft says this makes event organization easy.

New Saving and Sharing Features for Google Maps
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Google has added features to Google Maps that let you save, annotate, and share directions using My Maps. Users can save driving directions by simply clicking the  "save to my maps" link below the directions.

Google Knows Where You Live
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Google’s changing it up, and local search optimization just became very, very important.

It used to be a searcher had to be very specific about a query to bring back local results. To borrow from Search Engine Guide’s Miriam Ellis, who tips us off to the changes in the usual Google “10 pack,” or the top ten search results, a search for “chiropractor” reveals just how geographically targeted Google’s results are now.

Google Introduces Imagery Partner Program
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Map Content PartnersGoogle has introduced an imagery partner program where people can submit imagery for Google Earth if they feel they have a better version of a shot that Google currently has.

Google Maps Launches Transit Layer for Over 50 Cities
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Google has introduced the Transit Layer on Google Maps for over 50 cities around the world. The goal is to make finding public transportation info easier for citizens and tourists. When viewing applicable cities in Google Maps, if you want to access the Transit Layer, simply click the More button and select the Transit tab.

Google Adding Geotagging to Blogger
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Google’s Blogger has addd a feature to the new post editor in Blogger in Draft. Blogger in Draft is a special version of Blogger where they try out new features before they release them to everyone. Kind of like Google Labs. With geotagging, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts, like with time stamps.