Note to Tardy Boss Gets Employee Fired

Note to Tardy Boss Gets Employee Fired

By Jasmine Allen April 2, 2014

“Hey boss, learn to be on time!” said one smart man who definitely has the balls to stand up to lousy management.   One employee’s note to his manager has just cost him his job. Joe Blumm of Michigan was …

Interim Management: Increasingly Delivering Strategic Change

With a requirement for greater delivery in ever shorter timescales, under increased shareholder pressure and the continual impact of new technology, the life of the Chief Executive isn’t an easy one.

Technology – Does it Make Managers Lazy?

Technology does not replace the need for good management. Without such management, technology can create more problems than it solves.

Revisiting Spilled Milk Management

Spilled milk management is the mindset among many managers and business owners of failing to move beyond a business problem.

Leadership Development For Managers

Research has shown that 80% of every organization’s investments is spent to improve the human capabilities and promote their interests and 20% of the investments are spent for technological upgrading and production improvements.

Project Managers: Charge for Performance to Increase Profits

You’re a stellar project manager, yet you’re only making an average wage. Well, it’s about time you make more. This article digs outlines my approach to a performance-based fee structure It won’t work for all clients, but for those it does work for you’ll see your profits soar.

Senior Managers: You Can’t Keep Ignoring the Web

The Web deserves professional management because the Web is central to the future of the organization.

Beware The Busy Manager

Only about 10 percent of managers work purposefully to complete important tasks, according to a 10-year study of managerial behavior across a variety of industries.

Developing Effective Managers

Effective managers are people who possess great skills. In todays work environment managing a team requires more than just telling others what to do and how to do it.

Temporary Manager or Interim Manager – Which?

In today’s climate, where rapid change is part of life, and industry requires more highly skilled, adaptable people who are able to bring experience and change to the table, the demand for interim management is growing at double digit rates year on year.

When Does PR Help Managers Manage?

The quick answer is, PR helps managers manage when it (1) moves business, non-profit, government agency and association managers away from a preoccupation…

Retirement Fear for Owner Managers

Poor Planning Costs Owner Managers a Comfortable Retirement.

So Many Managers Doubt PR’s Value

As business, non-profit, government agency or association managers, what they’ll tell you they DO know is, “PR is pretty much all about press releases, broadcast plugs, brochures and special events.”

The Top Five LAN Security Issues Facing IT Managers Today

IT managers face many difficult LAN security issues today, but are confronted with a huge array of established and emerging security technologies that promise to deal with these issues.

Women Managers Leaving Corporations for Entrepreneurship

Increasingly, women managers are choosing to “opt out” when corporations fail to meet their professional needs.

What People Think Can Kill Managers

By delivering a body blow to their operation when business, non-profit, government agency or association managers, with public relations reporting to them, overlook assembling the PR resources and action planning needed to alter individual perception leading to changed behaviors among their most important outside audiences.

Managers, Want a Killer Edge?

Business, non-profit, government agency and association managers with public relations reporting to them are likely to miss achieving a killer edge when they focus strictly on communications tactics like press releases, special events, broadcast plugs or brochures.