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Social Media Security Basics Infographic

Social media is more popular than ever, and so are viruses, malware and online scams. The chart below sheds some light upon how important it is for social networking users to stay on top of the basics of online security. With even Ke$ha’s Twitter account being hacked, one can never be too careful when it comes to social media security. …

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Google Improves Malware Detection For Ads

Google put out a big blog post on Wednesday about its efforts to clean up ads in terms of malware. The company says bad ads are on the decline thanks to said efforts, which include spending millions of dollars building technical architecture and machine learning models to keep malware away from Google ads before they’re served in the first place. …

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YouTube Decoy Targets Syrian Activists With Malware

Syrian activists, beware: in addition to avoiding arrest and murder, now the Syrian government is trying to attack activists with a fake YouTube site that’s infecting Windows machines with malware. The YouTube decoy attempted to get Syrian activists to visit by hosting videos related to the opposition movement but, really, it’s like a small bulb dangling from the antena of …

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Bing Malware Warnings Linger

It generally takes three to six weeks for a Bing malware removal label to go away, which is a lot longer than it takes for Google, which is days, and can at times be under 24 hours. Regardless, to find out that you’ve received a malware removal label, only to have to wait weeks for Bing to take it out …

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Samsung Galaxy Phones Get Norton Mobile Security

Norton has announced that they are bringing a new suite of security software to Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android-based smartphones. The software provides a variety of tools to secure users’ phones against both theft and malware. Norton Mobile Security lets users find their devices remotely, much like Apple’s Find My iPhone service. It also allows users to lock their phones …

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Spam Levels Down, Mobile Malware On The Rise

McAfee has released their quarterly threat report for the fourth quarter of 2011, and some of the results may surprise you. The report examines the biggest threats to online security for both the fourth quarter and all of 2011. The report shows that while spam email seems to be on the decline, malware remains a significant threat. While malware remains …

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Microsoft Accidentally Marked Google.com As Malicious Site

If you’re a Windows users, it may have gone rogue on you this week by telling you that Google.com is a dangerous site to visit. This isn’t another one of Microsoft’s competitive prods at Google (this time), but rather the result of an error in the updates to Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront released earlier this week. Users of …

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Hotmail’s Spam Protection Amongst Best in Business

According to this Gadgetwise column in the New York Times, Microsoft’s Hotmail offers the best spam protection in the business. SITI, or spam in the inbox, rates have been reduced to record lows, with the advancement of Hotmail’s Smartscreen technology. Reportedly, Microsoft has been able to keep SITI rates down to below 3%. Microsoft also states that user complaints relative …

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Google Bouncer Scanning Android Market For Malware

Are you afraid of malicious software on the Android Market? Google has you covered. Today on the Google Mobile Blog, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s VP of Engineering for Android, announced a new software system for Android phones called “Bouncer.” It provides automated scanning of the Android market for “potentially malicious software without disrupting the user experience of Android market or requiring …

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