Are You Grabbing Traffic From Flipboard?

Are You Grabbing Traffic From Flipboard?

By Chris Crum February 12, 2015

This week, Flipboard launched a new web version. It’s available for the desktop for the first time after being mobile-only since 2010. While it already has millions of users from phones and tablets, this opens it up to more people, …

He influenced U.S. drug laws He influenced U.S. drug laws

William Fine, the publisher of dozens of magazines in the 1960s, has died at the age of 86. According to a New York Times report, Fine died in Beverly Hills, California on Friday, May 17. He is reported to have …

Check Out This Shining-Inspired Film Ink Ad Check Out This Shining-Inspired Film Ink Ad

Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece The Shining continues to influence pop culture on a regular basis, and an ad from Australian film magazine Film Ink is the latest example. The hype around the documentary Room 237 has no doubt played a role …

Google Play UK Finally Gets Magazines Google Play UK Finally Gets Magazines

One of the more prominent selling points of Google Play is its large magazine library. Google even includes free issues of popular magazines on new Nexus devices. Unfortunately, our friends in the UK weren’t graced with magazines or music at …

Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years

Newsweek, which has been in publication for nearly 80 years, is adopting an all-digital format. In 2010, the publication merged with online publication The Daily Beast, and now the combined company has decided the print business is no longer needed. …

Nintendo Power Ending After 24 Years Nintendo Power Ending After 24 Years


I was a Nintendo diehard growing up. The NES and SNES were the very definition of my childhood. I would defend Mario and Zelda to the death when somebody would claim that Sonic or Sword of Vermilion was better. The …

Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown Dies Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown Dies

Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan magazine, has passed away at the age of 90. She took the editor-in-chief role in 1965, and held it for 32 years, before being replaced by Bonnie Fuller. Gurley Brown remained with …

360 Magazine and X360 to Merge, Says Publisher 360 Magazine and X360 to Merge, Says Publisher

Imagine Publishing, the publisher behind the magazines Play, How It Works, and SciFiNow, announced today that two of its video game magazines will be merging. X360 and 360 Magazine will be combined to create one title that will cover all …

Playboy Puts Every Issue Online, Optimized for iPad Playboy Puts Every Issue Online, Optimized for iPad

Well gee-golly, ain’t that something! Today, Playboy Enterprises has launched i.Playboy.com, a site that gives you access to every page from every issue of Playboy ever published. That sure is a lot of…articles. Here’s the scope of what we are …

Is Creating a Unique Experience Enough To Get People to Pay for Digital Content?
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John Loughlin, Executive VP and GM of Hearst Magazines, which publishes Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and other popular titles, provided an inside look into Hearst’s content strategy for the digital age here at ad:tech NY. 

Do you think Hearst’s success in traditional publishing will extend to triumph in the online world? Let us know in the comments section.

Newspapers and Magazines Come to Kobo eReader, iPhone and iPad Apps
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Kobo announced that it is now offering newspapers and magazines for the Kobo Wireless eReader and its iPhone and iPad apps. The selection includes "dozens of top U.S. and Canadian publications". As an added bonus, the company is offering a two-week free trial period. 

Less Print Magazines Being Launched, But Also Less Dying
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According to MediaFinder, which claims to be the largest online database of U.S. and Canadian publications, 90 magazines were launched in the first half of 2010. That is way down from 187 titles launched during the same period in 2009.

Online Subscriptions Driving Magazine Sales
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Online subscription will generate 24 percent of new business sales for magazines in 2010, according to a new report from the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA).

The percentage of subscriptions generated from the Internet has increased steadily since 2006:

E-Reader Owners Avid Fans Of Magazines
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Owners of e-readers are avid fans of magazines when compared to U.S. adults who do not own such devices, according to a new report from Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI).

The majority (91%) of e-reader owners read magazines, while 84 percent of total U.S. adults are magazine readers. In addition, e-reader owners read an average of 13 magazine issues a month, compared to 11 issues for average adults.

Google Looking to Split Print Pages into Individual Web Articles?

Back in 2008, Google filed a patent, which was recently published for public viewing. The patent is called "Segmenting Printed Media Pages Into Articles," and appears to imply that the company wants to take individual articles from print publications and turn them into individual articles on the web. The abstract says:

Is This the Answer for Online News Revenue?

Leading publishers are getting together for what is widely being considered something of a "Hulu for magazines." Publishers involved include Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc.

Google Adds Magazines to Book Search
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Google’s quest to organize all the world’s information has taken another step forward today with the announcement that magazines are now appearing in Google Book Search. In time, these results will also become part of regular Google searches.