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Using Personalized Data Critical To Brand Loyalty

As more consumer data is available to brands than ever before, you might think that brands would be able to capitalize on this, and know their customers better than they know themselves, and in turn inspire increased brand loyalty. You’d be wrong, however. Earlier, we looked at a new study from IBM and Econsultancy, which found that businesses think they …

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iPhone Loyalty on the Decline, Says Report

A new report released today by Strategy Analytics shows that loyalty to the iPhone has fallen for the first time since 2007, most noticeably in Western Europe. The report, titled iPhone Owner Loyalty Declines: Is Apple Losing its Innovation Edge?, found that 75% of iPhone owners in Western Europe this year say they are likely to buy their next smartphone …

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Most Hybrid Owners Do Not Buy Another Hybrid

You see commercials all the time about how much hybrid owners love their car. They feel urbane and worldly when they realize how much they are helping the planet and their pocket books. A new study from R.L. Polk is saying that, like in so many other instances, commercials and real life don’t always coincide. The survey on hybrid loyalty …

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