Low-Income Articles

Study: Money Doesn’t Protect People From Toxicants, Just Changes Them

It’s a simple assumption that those with greater means will be able to live cleaner, healthier lives away from pollution with access to better foods. A new study, however, shows that even the rich are not immune to toxicants that …

Poor Planning Skills Could Hold People Back, Shows Study

While the grades gap between children from rich and poor families has been attributed to a variety of factors over the years, a new study shows that poor planning skills could be a major factor in the so-called income-achievement gap. …

Clinical Trials: Low Income Keeps Cancer Patients Away

Clinical trails are often avoided by individuals who make little money, according to a recent study. Reports indicate that cancer patients who make less than $50,000 a year were 30 percent less likely to participate in trials, while those who …

Sprint Spreading Christmas Cheer with Assurance Wireless Program Sprint Spreading Christmas Cheer with Assurance Wireless Program
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According to the Employment Situation Summary released earlier this month from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is 8.6 percent, which means 13.3 million people are unemployed. In other words, a lot of people are clearly struggling.