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Tailor Your Twitter Trends To Fit Your Location

Twitter trends are a big deal to many Twitter users, especially the tween users out there. #FollowMeJustinBieber hashtags aside, there is actually a lot more use to Twitter’s popular topics, especially when they apply to more pertinent events, be it on a national or international level. Now, Twitter has introduced a method to apply their methods of ranking popular topics …

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WolframAlpha Now Offering Time-Sensitive Business Search

If you’ve got time on your side, what search tool you use to find a particular business really comes down to user preference. Maybe you like the way Google organizes the results, maybe you prefer to use Yelp for searches in a specific category. You’ve got time, so use them all – it’s not a pressing matter. However, if you …

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Highlight CEO: We Have the Potential to Be the Next Twitter, Foursquare

Ambient social networking is taking the world by storm as startups such as Highlight are beginning to resonate with people. In case “ambient social networking” is new to you, it is a location phenomenon that runs silently in the background on mobile devices and notifies users if friends or acquaintances enter their vicinity. “It seems like a subtle thing, but …

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Facebook Adding Friends And Locations To Apps

Facebook is consistently updating their API to let app developers add all the great stuff about Facebook into their own apps. With this new update, I can not only tell people what I ate, but I can also tell them where I ate at and with whom I ate with. Yesterday on the Facebook developers blog, the company announced the …

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Interview: uberlife Launches to Turn Online Connections into Real World Friends

With SXSW starting tomorrow, many startups are launching in hopes of becoming the next Twitter or Foursquare. One of the startups that shares this dream is UK-based uberlife. The company launched in the UK in January and launched its U.S. version earlier this week.

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Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock

Spark Capital is providing its employees with more liquid assets by purchasing fifty million dollars worth of Foursquare’s company stock. Foursquare has 15 million registered users who have collectively checked in 1.5 billion times and has generated information about some 750,000 restaurants and other venues. Spark Capital had already been investing in Foursquare and based their decision to up the …

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