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Google+ Local Reveals Google’s Plan For Zagat

Google has announced that it’s rolling out Google+ Local, which it bills as “a simple way to discover and share local information”. Google is finally revealing just what it’s going to do with it’s Zagat acquisition, as Google+ Local features Zagat scores, as well as recommendations from Google+ connections. “Since Zagat joined the Google family last fall, our teams have …

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Google Talks More About Google Places & Google+ Local

Earlier today, Google announced the launch of Google+ Local, a new social local search experience that will spread across Google+, Google Search and Google’s mobile search. It uses Zagat ratings and Google+ connections, and gives businesses a chance to make their local search presence more social. Google said business owners will continue to manage their local listings the same way, …

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Google Makes Changes To Local Listings On Android, iOS

Google has made some adjustments to local search results on Android and iOS devices. Users can now see an experience that more closely resembles that of the desktop experience. “I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a picky eater,” writes Google software engineer Dan Zivkovic on the company’s Inside Search blog. “If I’m choosing a restaurant, I want to know …

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Google Suggests Closing Old Listings In Places When Changing Addresses

SEO Barry Scwhartz blogged about moving to a new office, saying that Google suggested he close his listing and open a new one. However, in doing that, there’s no guarantee that he would retain any reviews that had ben posted. He shares what a Google rep told him: “If you mark the old listing closed, and create a new one, …

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Google Makes Some Local Search Adjustments

On Friday, Google put out is monthly list of algorithm changes, for the month of April. We’ve taken a closer look at various entries on that list – there were over 50. Here’s our coverage so far: Google Algorithm Changes For April: Big List Released Google Increases Base Index Size By 15 Percent Google Makes More Freshness Tweaks To Algorithm …

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Google Local Ranking Factors Listed By New Bizible Study

Bizible, a company created by former Bing/Microsoft adCenter staff, has put together an interesting analysis of local ranking factors in Google, after surveying 22 local business categories and 22 US cities, and searching Google for the given localized term (i.e. “Seattle photographer”). “We grabbed the first 30 results in Google Local and all the local results from the integrated web …

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Google Mobile Search Gets New Recent Icon

Google announced the launch of a new local search featurew for mobile devices. There’s a new “recent” icon that appears on Google.com on Android devices and iPhones, which will show info about places you have recently searched for. You can swipe right to see additional icons for other categories of places. Google software engineer Junichi Uekawa writes on the Google …

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