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Six-clawed Lobster Discovered In Massachusetts

When many fishermen head for the seas to catch lobsters to deliver to their local seafood eatery, they do not expect to bring back a creature so unique that it shocks the world. This was the case for Captain Peter Brown and Richard Figueiredo as they brought their unique find, a lobster with six claws, back to the mainland. The …

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Lobsterman Rescued After 12 Hours, Used Boots To Float

A lobsterman who fell off his boat on Wednesday says he was able to use his rubber boots to stay afloat until the Coast Guard finally spotted him. 45-year old John Aldridge says it was a very simple accident that led to his fall and subsequent 12-hour ordeal: a broken cooler. “The handle broke off and I fell off the …

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Underwater Expedition Produces Odd Sea Creatures

Middle Earth is a great place, mostly because it is so beautiful. Well that beauty is actually real and takes place in New Zealand. A few weeks ago some scientists there decided to explore another part of their country that hasn’t ever been explored. The ocean around it. So some Scientists with New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric …

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