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Nintendo Improves Wii U System Load Times In April Update

One of the major complaints of the Wii U is that the load times between menus takes far too long. This is most apparent when a player returns to the home menu. In its April firmware update, Nintendo is hoping …

Google’s Really Taking This Speed Thing Seriously
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Google has placed a great deal of emphasis on speed for the last year or two, offering numerous tools and resources aimed at speeding things up. In fact, Google has even attempted to speed up the search engine itself with Google Instant. 

Google Launches Site Performance Feature

In mid-June, Google commenced an initiative known as "Let’s make the web faster."  Late yesterday, the search giant performed a follow-through of sorts with the release of an experimental feature called "Site Performance."

Google Tracks User Data to Monitor Load Times
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Google has a post up talking about how the company uses data it collects from Google Toolbar users, specifically in relation to its enhanced features. These features are opt-in.

Google Wants the Web to Function Like a Magazine
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Google has begun an initiative to help webmasters all over the web make their sites faster, and in turn make the entire web faster for everybody. This would reflect Google Co-founder Larry Page’s vision of people being about to surf the web as quickly as if they were flipping through the pages of a magazine.

Load Times Matter To AdWords Quality Score

Google will make landing page load times a factor in computing the quality score, which could have an impact on minimum bid prices.