Here Are the 10 Recent Movies Quentin Tarantino Thinks You Should See

Here Are the 10 Recent Movies Quentin Tarantino Thinks You Should See

By Josh Wolford October 7, 2013 | 3 Comments

Wondering which new releases you need to see this weekend? Good news – Quentin Tarantino has you covered. The acclaimed director has just released his best movies of 2013 (so far) list, and The Quentin Tarantino Archives has the goods. …

Congrats Alexandria, VA, You’re The Most Well-Read City In America Congrats Alexandria, VA, You’re The Most Well-Read City In America

Do you think your city is full of readers? Are your local parks full of literary warriors laying on benches an blankets, curled up with e-readers? If this scenario sounds like cultural utopia, you might want to consider moving to …

March Madness: Top Selling College Basketball Jerseys March Madness: Top Selling College Basketball Jerseys

Yes, the opening round games are considered the start of the college basketball tournament, but the real fun starts tomorrow at 12:15 EST. This is when the field of 64 begins their collective run at a National Championship. With that …

Facebook Launches Interest Lists, Hopes To Be Your “Personalized Newspaper” Facebook Launches Interest Lists, Hopes To Be Your “Personalized Newspaper”

Today, Facebook unveiled a new feature to run alongside Subscriptions and Lists. Interest Lists, according to Facebook, are a “whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience.” Interest Lists work like giant …

Foursquare Lists Let You Share Recommendations With Friends Foursquare Lists Let You Share Recommendations With Friends

Foursquare has added a new element to their social experience, as their all new Foursquare Lists went live today. Now you can categorize your favorite places into convenient, sharable lists that you can use to document travel experiences, plan future …

Twitter Expands the “Lists” Feature

Update 2: It appears that Twitter is widely rolling out the "Lists" feature now.

Update: On the Twitter Status Blog, the company announced that it has expanded the availability of the "Lists" feature to 5% of its users. The company also says it will work its way up to a full rollout in the coming weeks.

Top 10 Year-End Lists of 2008

‘Tis the season for lists – lists reflecting on the year we are getting ready to leave behind, and lists looking toward the future. Sites all around the web are putting up best of/worst of lists, so I thought it might be fun to look at some lists from some of these sites in the eBusiness and tech industries.

Ask’s Top Search Queries for the Year

We’ve seen Yahoo’s most popular queries this year; we’ve seen Google’s.

Craigslist Lists New Job Posting Fees

After deliberation in the Craigslist forums, the massively popular online classifieds site will begin imposing a fee on job postings in a quartet of new markets.

Google Updates Webmaster Malware Reviews

Webmasters whose sites have been flagged in Google’s search results as being potential links to malware have a new process for updating their listings after cleaning the site.

Diggers Love Top Sevens

Russ Jones on theGoogleCache took a look at how “Top #” lists perform on Digg. We all know how popular top 10 lists are. Russ’s initial premise was that they’re not necessarily the best performing. He thought top 6s would be best, another coworker bet on top 7s.

The coworker won. Of 90 “Top 7″ stories submitted to Digg, 53 made the front page—59%.

Top 7 Lists Lead The Pack On Digg
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Lists are good, but if they become too long, readers are liable to lose interest.  Too short, and no one will think your 25-word post is worth reading.  Top 10 lists have become the norm – but why?  Russ Jones of the Google Cache combed through over 2,500 Digg stories to see if lists with more (or fewer) points do better.

Is Search Technology Pulling its Weight?

Tom Foreski in SiliconValleyWatcher lists all the ways that we the people are expected to help search engines do their jobs – so search technology isn’t pulling its weight as compared with the human element.

Eye-opening at first, but rather than a blow-by-blow response, why not sum it up this way:

Large Networks Add New Editorial Content Formats

Many top destination sites are adding blogs and other publishing formats to their site to build their authority and market-share. This editorial content creates value, builds trust and authority, and allows for a more profitable blend of content and advertisements.

Configuring Standard Access Lists

Access Control Lists (ACLs) allow a router to permit or deny packets based on a variety of criteria.

Google Employee Tide May be Shifting

Google has been the darling of the employee/recruitment world for a while due to their upwardly mobile stock price, reputation, place where smart people are, and lavish employee perks.

Are Year-End Search Lists Meaningless?
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It’s that time of year again. You know, the time for “The Year In Review” lists by the thousands telling us what was cool and popular in whatever niche you can imagine. Of course, the search engine industry is not immune from taking the yearly look-back, compiling most popular search lists for our amusement.