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Linux 3.3 Released, Merges With Android

As we reported on last month, Linux developers are becoming more important to businesses the world over. Their jobs are just about to get easier with the release of Linux version 3.3. The release notes for Linux 3.3 is pretty big, but here’s the summary that should give you all the important details before we dive into the nitty gritty …

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The $35 PC Raspberry Pi Sells Out In Minutes

Linux based Raspberry Pi sold out yesterday and crashed makers Premier Farnell or RS Components websites. The revolutionary PC is the size of a credit card and features a USB port for a keyboard, Ethernet port, SD card slot, and an HDMI port for video output. “The idea”, says Eben Upton, the founder of the charity behind the scheme, “is …

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Open Source Now On Par With Proprietary Software

I’m a huge proponent of open source software. I’ve always found it to be just as good as proprietary software that I would have to pay an arm and leg for. Microsoft Word? Ha, I use Open Office. iTunes? Even a bigger jovial laugh as I use foobar. Anyway, Coverity released the results of their 2011 Coverity Scan Open Source …

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Linux Professionals Most Valuable Tech Employees

The tech industry is relatively booming compared to the rest of the economy and they’re looking to hire – you’ll just want to learn Linux before you go job hunting. The Linux Foundation and Dice has partnered to compile the “2012 Linux Jobs Report.” The subtitle for the study, “Strong demand drives higher salaries, more perks for Linux professionals” says …

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Linux Tablet Gets Detailed In Q&A

We reported last week on the new Linux-based tablet named Spark. KDE developer Aaron Seigo revealed more details on the device in a Q&A on his blog. The most pressing question for those interested in the tablet is finding out when they can buy one. Seigo says that pre-order registration will open up next week. The Spark starts shipping in …

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Linux Users Finally Getting Their Own Tablet

It seems that Linux users will finally be able to join the ranks of tablet users. Spark is a new tablet from KDE, the free software community behind the Plasma series of Linux frameworks. The tablet’s operating system will be KDE’s Plasma Active Linux framework. The tablet, which will retail for under $300, sports a solid set of hardware specifications. …

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Microsoft Blocks Linux From Windows 8 Machines

As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 8 sometime this year, the company has published a new set of Windows Hardware Certification Requirements. These requirements govern the hardware specifications for machines on which Windows can be installed. These sorts of requirements are nothing new – Microsoft has been publishing them for several years. This time, however, there is a hidden gem …

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