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In a Vista World, I’m Dreaming of Gubuntu
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The blogosphere has been singing both positive and negative tunes about Microsoft’s latest offering in its long line of operating systems. Vista has been the talk of the town as of late, but there are still some of us who envision a world where more than one platform can thrive in the OS marketplace.

Novell Could Loose Access To New Linux Versions

Make a deal with a big closed source company and the FSF (Free Software Foundation) may pull your access rights to Linux Distro’s. At least that is what Novell is facing this week.

Free Software – Should it Be Free?

By now, you’ve probably heard about or read Mark Shuttleworth’s view on keeping free software free. Matt Asay has a take on Mark’s post here.

Known Issues w/ Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe released the Flash Player 9 for Linux 2 days ago. Here are the list of known issues:

Giving in to Temptation

This analysis was conceived when the coauthors discovered we’d each been independently seriously tempted to buy a Mac Mini, and realized what that temptation implied.

Invalidating the Linux Buffer Cache

When you write data, it doesn’t necessarily get written to disk right then. The kernel maintains caches of many things, and disk data is something where a lot of work is done to keep everything fast and efficient.

Developing Countries Breeding Grounds for Open Source

Red Herring’s Falguni Bhuta predictsMore (Open Source) momentum in developing countries“:

A New Year’s Wish List

There were a lot of significant advances in 2006 in the digital realm. Google prospered, YouTube exploded onto the scene, and the Internet overtook newspapers in the hierarchy of information consumption. What does this year hold in store for the technological landscape?

Novell Banks On New Microsoft Customers

The agreement between Novell and Microsoft on marketing SuSE Linux to Microsoft customers seeking a heterogenous environment of Windows and Linux servers has been bolstered by a trio of deals with financial institutions.

The Influence of Unix on NT

For several years now I’ve been looking for something Bill Gates said. Unfortunately I had misremembered the actual words, and every time I found someone who thought they remembered it, they had the wrong words too and I’d come up dry yet again.

$100 Linux Laptops Have Arrived

The One Laptop Per Child project received its first shipment of $100 Linux laptops yesterday, making the dream of providing free laptops to children around the world a reality.

Xen GUI in Fedora Core 6

Fedora Core is Red Hat’s Linux distribution for testing new technologies.

More Reasons to Love Unix/Linux

I did a lot of clean-up work at this website over the long Thanksgiving weekend. This was all due to radically changing the layout. Some of that was quick and simple do do, but for older pages I needed to do some hand editing before switching to the new format.

Novell Disputes Criticism Of Microsoft Deal

The agreement between Novell and Microsoft that will have salespeople offering Windows and Linux to customers had triggered substantial criticism, to which Novell has responded.

The Patent Ploy

Microsoft to Offer Sales Support for Novell’s Suse Linux… Huh? Did I hear that right? Yep, there it is again: Linux to work with Windows.

Reconsidering The Value Of OSS Indemnification

With Microsoft agreeing not to sue Novell SLES Support Subscription customers for patent infringement issues, maybe it’s time to reconsider the value of OSS indemnification?

Microsoft, Novell Make Nice Over Linux

A history of network competition and some contentious patent issues between the two companies have been overcome with the announcement that Microsoft and Novell will collaborate on making Vista and SuSE Linux more interoperable and manageable.

Oracle Linux

At “Larry Ellison’s Linux nears release“, Ashlee Vance is unsure why Oracle would want its own Linux distro.

Terrasoft Supplying Linux for PS3

Is it really news when Terrasoft announces that it will be supplying Linux for the PS3?

The Psyche of PC Owners

Apparently I’m not the only one wondering if Microsoft is going to take a big belly flop with Vista: David Morgenstern at eWeek has a column asking “What if Microsoft Held a Vista Party and Nobody Came?”.

Flash Player 9 Released for Linux

Adobe announced the release of the Flash Player 9 for Linux.