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Are Windows And Linux Equal When It Comes To Maintenance?

A study conducted by Analyst Yankee Group, where the Group queried 509 companies, found Windows and Linux are equal, cost-wise, when it comes to maintaining servers equipped with either environment.

Reports from the Linux/Java camp visit to Microsoft

The competitive summit continues. I’m bummed that I haven’t had much time to make it over there. It’s cool that they let the attendees blog.

Track Traffic With Webalizer

The April 2005 issue of Linux Magazine has my Feature “Track Traffic With Webalizer – A Fast, Free and Feature-rich Log Analyzer”, and it provides a decent overview of how to configure Webalizer.

Controlling Linux colors in vi (vim)

Because of an old application that apparently partially looks at termcap and partially hard-codes terminal info, a customer has to set TERM=ansi when using Alphacom to access his Linux box.

Novell Introduces Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management

Novell introduced Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management, an integrated, complete management system for centralized control of Linux desktops and servers.

Hardening your Kernel with OpenWall

The Openwall Project provides security related kernel patches for Linux and BSD kernels.

We Love Linux, Google, And Apple

Just for fun, I started typing in “I hate (brand)” in Google to see what comes up. I then got curious about the findings for “I love (brand).”

IBM Investing In Linux

IBM’s affection for the open-source community and Linux continues to grow. Recently they allowed the community access to numerous IBM software patents with goals of quality improvement.

Novell To Harden Linux for Mission-Critical Operations

Novell is releasing a range of Linux offerings for the enterprise to harden Linux for mission-critical operations.

Oracle Creates Linux Test Lab

Oracle announced the creation of a dedicated Linux Test Lab, providing a rigorous test environment to further the quality, stability and supportability of the operating system.

IBM Takes on Linux

IBM is launching a program to make Linux applications available across its whole line of hardware.

Skype Launched For Linux, Mac

Voice over IP is officially upon us. The ability to use your Internet connection to make free phone calls to other computers is quickly making its way into the mainstream.

Transfer SCO Acucobol to Linux
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I doubt I’ll see too many more of these, but I had a call from someone with a crashed SCO 3.2v4.2 system.

Linux Certification Gaining Ground but Cisco Still on Top

I was interested to see that RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) was listed in slot 3 of certifications IT professionals want to get.

IBM To Launch 64-Bit Linux Server

IBM today announced it will offer a new, low-priced IBM POWER5 processor-based server running the Linux operating system.

Linux: A Very Different Business Model

For its 31 January edition, Business Week has an intriguing story online about Linus Torvalds, the Finnish creator of the …

Enterprise Linux 4 Preparing For Launch

Red Hat is readying themselves for the Enterprise Linux 4 launch, which is scheduled for release next month.

Former Yahoo Employee Blogging From the Jungle

Kalyan was one of the early employees of Yahoo’s Software Development Center in Bangalore, India.

Putting the Mac Aside in 2005

Something has been bugging me for the last few months. Though I got my nice new Mac and switched to using it has my main personal desktop/laptop machine, it’s been a frustrating experience at times.

Linux Users Get Opera 8

Yesterday, Linux users were greeted with another browser to benchmark. Opera released version 8, available to the Linux platform in beta format. However, a lacking feature has left Linux users “speechless”.

Writing and Compiling C programs on Linux

Most Linux and Unix programs are written in C. When you download source for a project, it will often be C or C++ source code. You don’t necessarily need to know a darn thing about C or anything else to compile the source if you aren’t changing it. It may be helpful for you to understand a bit if you are having problems with the compile, but even that isn’t really necessary.