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Associated Press: You Can Link, But It’s Not Encouraged [Updated] Associated Press: You Can Link, But It’s Not Encouraged [Updated]

The Associated Press and the Internet at large have had something or a rocky relationship through the years. The organization has not taken kindly to the direction web news has gone in…essentially since the rise of blogs. In 2009, AP …

Google On How A Lot Of Your Links Don’t Count Google On How A Lot Of Your Links Don’t Count
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Google has over 200 signals it uses to rank results. Given Google’s legendary PageRank algorithm, based on links, it has led to a lot of people worrying about links way too much. That’s not to say quality links aren’t still …

Are You Surprised That Google Doesn’t Like Paid Blog Networks? Are You Surprised That Google Doesn’t Like Paid Blog Networks?
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Google has been cracking down on lesser quality content littering its search results a great deal over the past year – probably more than any other time in the search engine’s history. Obviously, to those who follow the search industry, …

Blogging Guidelines Already Unpopular With Bloggers Blogging Guidelines Already Unpopular With Bloggers
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Earlier, I wrote about these new content curation/news aggregation guideline initiatives that were brought up at SXSW, and first reported on by The New York Times’ David Carr. I didn’t look much at what others were saying about them before …

Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For? Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For?
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Should you have to pay to link? Sadly, it’s a question we keep having to ask, because organizations and lawmakers keep giving us reason to. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know my stance on this: the web …

Linking to Lowes.com? Better Get Permission First Linking to Lowes.com? Better Get Permission First
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Don’t link to Lowes.com unless you have the time to fax a license request to them. Ars Technica has found that Lowes.com has a ridiculous policy on linking to them. They require that Web sites that link to them must …

25 Ways to Get Another Site to Link to Yours 25 Ways to Get Another Site to Link to Yours
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This guest post was co-authored by Ken McGaffin and Susan Payton There are many ways to get other sites to link to yours, which helps in boosting your ranking on search engines. Here are 25 link-building methods you can use …

Ways to Get Fresh Links to Old Content for Better Search Rankings
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You may have gotten some good links in the past, but don’t count on them helping you forever. Old links go stale in the eyes of Google.

Do you still get links to old content? Tell us why you think that is.

Do You Have the “Right” to Link?
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It was recently discovered that search engine/news aggregator NewsNow.co.uk had been blocked by Times Online, a publication from News International, a subsidiary of News Corp. This has been viewed as a possible beginning to what News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has been talking about for quite some time – blocking search engines and aggregators from using its content (and using apparently includes linking).

Digg Makes Changes to Nofollow Policy
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Digg announced today that it has tweaked its policy on the nofollow attribute on external links.

 "We’ve made a few changes to the way Digg links to external sites that may impact some folks in the SEO community," says Digg’s John Quinn. "These changes reduce the incentive to post spammy content (or link spam) to Digg, while still flowing ’search engine juice’ freely to quality content."

More to Retweeting Than Meets the Eye for Businesses?
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Retweeting is a phenomenon that has taken the Twitter world by storm. The concept began when somebody added the letters "RT" to somebody else’s tweet and posted it as their own. The idea caught on on a massive scale, and now there are services that utilize retweeting as the backdrop of their entire purposes. "Some of Twitter’s best features are emergent—people inventing simple but creative ways to share, discover, and communicate.

Ushering In a Whole New Era of Linking Questions
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Update: Tr.im has apparently had a change of heart, and decided to remain functional. On the company blog, Tr.im’s founder says:

We have restored tr.im, and re-opened its website. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popular response, and the countless public and private appeals I have received to keep tr.im alive.

RT: Retweet Competition to Follow URL-Shortening Craze
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Update: Retweet.com is now live.

Original Article: First Twitter ignited the URL-shortening service fire, and now a similar phenomenon appears to be happening with "retweeting" services. Retweet.com is reportedly set to launch today.

What Bing, Twitter, and Facebook Mean for SEO
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Google is traditionally the main area of focus when it comes to search engine optimization. With the search engine giant so far ahead of the game in terms of search market share, it’s not hard to understand why.

Take Care of Your Links
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Links are what make up the web. They drive traffic to sites. They add value to articles. While some content providers may prefer not to have a lot of links to their content, most strive to get as many as possible.

The Most Important Domains and Pages on the Web
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SEOmoz has a couple of very interesting charts showing the top 500 domains and the top 500 pages being linked to from different places. This paints a pretty good picture of what sites are held in the highest regards by content producers.

Australia Threatens $11,000 Fines For Unapproved Linking
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Be glad if you’re not running a website, blog, or forum in Australia right now. If you linked to the wrong website, a site on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s secret blacklist, they can fine you $11,000 ($7,262 US) per day that link stays live.

Google On Limiting Links
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As you may or may not be aware, Google recommends keeping the number of links on any given page to under 100. This recommendation can be found among Google’s webmaster guidelines under the Design and Content Guidelines section.

PubCon: Aaron Wall Talks Link Buying Without Getting in Trouble
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Aaron Wall knows a thing or two about SEO. He’s been in this game as long as I can remember. He’s the brains behind the hugely popular SEOBook. When he talks about ways of getting links, people looking to increase their search engine rankings should pay attention.

Our own Mike McDonald scored an interview with him out in Las Vegas while attending the PubCon conference. Video of that can be seen below.

Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
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Bloggers and other web-based writers do a lot of linking. It’s great for the Blogosphere. In fact it’s really the only reason we have a Blogosphere. How often are our links misleading though? I’m not talking about "paid" or sponsored links that are deceptive and just trying to go after a click. That’s another issue entirely. I’m talking about just the everyday point-of-reference links.

Link Directly To Any Moment in a YouTube Video
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YouTube announced today that it has implemented the ability to jump straight to any point in a video by simply adding a few extra characters at the end of the video’s URL. The YouTube Team explains on the official blog:

To create a deep link, append the following to the end of a YouTube video URL: #t=1m15s. This says to link to the time 1:15 – you can replace the numbers before the ‘m’ and the ‘s’ with anything you like.