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Link Expert Eric Ward Talks Fear And The Evolution Of Links
The nature of links on the web, particularly in relation to search, has changed a lot over the years, and there’s probably nobody out there with...
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Prince Drops Linking Lawsuit Against Fans
You know how Prince is actively suing his fans for posting links on their blogs and Facebook pages that point other fans in the direction of his music...
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Google Has Made People Afraid To Link
Google has made it so people are scared to link to content. That’s what it has come to. I don’t think it’s ever been Google’s ...
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Google Discusses Its New Official Link Rules
Google has some new rules for the kinds of links it allows (or doesn’t allow, rather). The concepts are actually not exactly new, but Google has...
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Linking Practices That Annoy Matt Cutts, But Don’t Make A Difference To Google
Google posted an interesting Webmaster Help video today about linking. It’s basically about whether it’s better to link to an original sou...
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Should Sites Be Forced To Pay For Linking? Harvey Weinstein Thinks So.
Harvey Weinstein, an Oscar winning producer and prolific proponent of Obama, told Deadline that he is going to push for legislation that would force w...
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German Publishers Reportedly Won’t Go For A Google Deal Like Those In France
Google and France President Francois Hollande, on Friday, announced a deal that the search giant has made with French publishers to who want to be pai...
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Does Google the Link Lister Equal Google the Publisher?
Is Google a publisher? Or is Google simply a displayer of links? Are these two things the same? Those questions are at the heart of a Australian case ...
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Google Continues To Battle Publishers Who Want To Be Paid For Links
Google prepared a note about a proposal by French lawmakers and backed by French news publsihers, which want search engines to license all of their co...
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Google Is Considering Discounting Infographic Links
Matt Cutts spoke with Eric Enge at SMX Advanced, and Enge has now published the entire interview. In that interview, Cutts reveals that Google may sta...
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Go Ahead, You Can Now Tell Bing to Ignore Links
While the SEO brethren have been waiting for Google to provide a tool that will allow webmasters to disavow specific links, Bing went ahead and punche...
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This Webmaster Changed A Page’s Internal Linking Structure, Recovered From Google’s Penguin Update
Another webmaster has claimed to have recovered from Google’s Penguin update. In a WebmasterWorld forum post (via Barry Scwhartz), member neildt...
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Google Will Soon Ignore Links You Tell It To
Google’s Matt Cutts gave a keynote “You and A” presentation at SMX Advanced this week, and mentioned that Google is considering offe...
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Google: We’re Starting To Enforce Paid Links More
Google’s Matt Cutts has been making light of paid links all week, but in reality, Google isn’t joking when it comes to enforcing this part...
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SEOmoz Analyst: Google Will Be Cracking Down On Directories More
Earlier this month, there was some discussion about Google having de-indexed free web directories. Most of the ones we looked at had not actually been...
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iAcquire Gets Rid Of Paid Link Offerings Following Google De-Indexing
Blogger Josh Davis recently put out an investigative report exposing the marketing firm iAcquire for engaging in paid links for clients. Once Google c...
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What If The Google Penguin Update Inadvertently Killed The Web As We Know It?
Note: Perhaps the headline of this article is a little sensational, but don’t overlook the “what if” part. I’m not suggesting ...
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Should The Google Penguin Update Hit Sites Like
We recently told you about apparently getting hit by Google’s Penguin update. The site went from 8,580 visits (pretty standard for the ...
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Matt Cutts Shares Something You Should Know About Old Links
Google’s Matt Cutts has put out a new Webmaster Help video discussing something that’s probably on a lot of webmasters’ minds these ...
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The Blurry Lines Of Google’s Paid Links Policy
As you probably know, Google isn’t a fan of people paying for links that pass PageRank. It’s considered to be a manipulation of search res...
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